Mantenna - Friday, February 5

February 5, 2010

Anne Hathaway gets sexy for the gents, Heinz reinvents the wheel, and the weapons of District 9 can be yours if the price is right...come with the Mantenna if you want to live!

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Amanda Seyfried Predicts Snow Using Breasts

In 2004 Amanda Seyfried’s first big role was in Mean Girls, where she played a character who believed she could predict the weather using her breasts. Now it seems the 24-year-old has the same gift in real life. Last night at a Q&A in New York City promoting her new film Dear John, the actress was asked about the rumored snowfall expected in the city. According to the Huffington Post, “Seyfried paused, thought, and answered it "felt like 10 to 12 inches."” (We're presuming she was holding her breasts when she made her prediction). In any case, Seyfried’s breasts just reached a whole new level of amazingness! [Huffington Post]

Damn Yankees. Again.

A remake of Damn Yankees could be in the works with Todd Graf attached as director (he also directed Bandslam and got a Tony nomination for directing Baby). In this story a baseball fan (Jake Gyllenhaal) bargains his soul to the devil (Jim Carey) to become an incredible baseball player. Just which demographic a musical about sports would market itself to is anyone’s guess. [Slash Film]

Microsoft Essentially Leaves Original Xbox for Dead

On April 15th, Microsoft will pull the plug on the Xbox Live service for all original Xbox games—which affects both Xbox 1 games played on both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. So say you downloaded an Xbox Originals game onto your Xbox 360. That game will still play just fine, but don't expect to go online with it. The same general rule applies to every vintage Xbox title no matter the grander Xbox platform. But by cutting off these older titles (and pissing off a bunch of Halo 2 fanatics), Microsoft will gain much more flexibility with the Live platform through announcements coming "in the next few weeks." I think flexibility really means hatred. [Gamerscoreblog]

Anne Hathaway Gets Hot for British GQ

Anne Hathaway is on the cover of the current issue of British GQ. The actress looks absolutely smoking hot and shows a lot of her sexy, milky white skin in the accompanying pictorial. In an interview with the mag, Hathaway discusses the joys and difficulties of performing a "full on" movie kiss. The actress says she wishes she was more like Angelina Jolie when it came to the onscreen make-out session. She tells the mag, “"It's a totally different experience. But really you have to be Angelina Jolie to pull that off and still look good. I don't know if you've noticed, but I ain't no Angie." The 27-year-old then talks dirty, giving a rundown on how she performs the ultimate “pretty movie” kiss. [Us Magazine]

Heinz Finally Improves the Ketchup Packet


Source: Heinz

For years. every time I've gotten some fries, I've thought to myself, "What is the point in making the packets this small? You're going to use a bunch of them anyway." And finally, Heinz has come to their senses. Heinz Ketchup will have a new Dip & Squeeze packet design after 40 years of the ubiquitous foil package.  Holding 3 times more of the condiment, you can either dip into the cup-like packet, or squeeze the Ketchup onto your food. Here's to 40 more years of very occasional ketchup innovation! [Larryfire]

Life-size District 9 Weapons from Weta

Weta, the special effects studio that did the effects for District 9 that’s located in New Zealand, is now selling life-size replicas of the weapons used in the movie. They weight about 12 pounds and run around $500 a pop, so you will need to be a seriously big nerd with a seriously big wallet to afford one of these things. That, and Weta is only selling 200 of them. Worst case scenario, you buy the thing, get arrested a couple of times for wielding an alien weapon in public, then hock it on eBay for twice what you bought it for. You gotta have the mindset of a Nigerian gangster. [Firstshowing]

Vanilla Ice Gives Canadians a Reason to Love Basketball

For anybody who missed the Toronto Raptors host the New Jersey Nets last night (which judging by attendance figures was pretty much everyone), you may have missed a very special performance by Vanilla Ice at halftime. The man who was once viewed as hip hop’s answer to Guantanamo Bay torture techniques entertained the crowd with some of his classic tunes and a dance routine that one onlooker called “the reason music almost died.” [Deadspin]

Jimmy Johnson tells America That His Penis is Now Slightly Bigger

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson has decided to urinate all over his legacy by signing a deal to endorse Extenze Male Enhancement Pills on a series of commercials over the next few months. The advertisements, which should be both hilarious and disturbing, will feature the elderly Miami resident discussing his genitals and lovemaking in great detail… Awesome! [SportsByBrooks]

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