Bristol Palin Rides the Bull, Gets Heckled and Things Turn Nasty

September 23, 2011

Bristol Palin got into a heated verbal scuffle after an innocent mechanical bull ride… and it was all caught on camera.

Don't you dare heckle Bristol Palin when she's riding a bull. A fun mechanical bull ride at West Hollywood's famed Saddle Ranch turned nasty when a man sitting at the bar heckled the daughter of Sarah Palin. The unidentified man shouted, "Your mother is a whore" and followed up with the equally classy put-down, "Did you ride Levi like that?" Yawn, someone needs to go to insult school.

Palin did not take such heckling lying down. No, she got up off the ground (she'd just fallen off the mechanical bull) and stormed over to confront her obviously boozed-up snappy nemesis. Things quickly turned sour. The man called Palin's mom "the f@#king devil" and "evil." An upset Palin fired back, "Is it because you're a homosexual? And that's why you hate her?" Oh, dear Bristol. You shouldn't have gone there.

The heated exchange got more heated and escalated even further (if that's possible).
The 47-year-old man landed a low blow by making a quip about Sarah Palin's alleged one-night stand with basketball player Glen Rice. Then he called Bristol "white trash." Bristol charged back, snapped her fingers in the air and said, "Let's go."

All in all it was just another classy night out at the Saddle Ranch.

Photo: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images