Mantenna - Friday, February 13

February 13, 2009

The Germans claim Heidi Klum is too fat to be a supermodel, American Idol's "Bikini Girl" goes shopping for some new sunwear, and a new rumor emerges that Michael Jackson might be seriously's the Mantenna!

Source: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images Europe

Heidi Klum Fat?

There is no doubt that Heidi Klum is one of the world’s most beautiful women. But is she fat? The Germans think so. Heidi is currently appearing on German television, hosting Germany’s Next Top Model. German fashion veteran Wolfgang Joop said “She is no runway model! Heidi Klum is simply too heavy and has too big a bust. And she always grins so sltupidly. That is not avant-garde – that is commercial!” Other critics include Louisa von Minckwitz and Karl Lagerfeld. What are these guys smoking? []

The “Bikini Girl” Goes Shopping

American Idol’s “Bikini Girl” continues to hang on to her 15 minutes of fame. Katrina Darrell made a spectacle of herself this week by trying on bikinis while out shopping. We know this because she invited the paparazzi along to photograph her amazing shopping skills and bikini assets. You go, girl! [Hollywood Tuna]

John Malkovich in Jonah Hex

Veteran actor John Malkovich is now lined up to play a Southern plantation owner in the developing Jonah Hex. His character, Turnbull, suffers when his son dies at the hands of the Union in the Civil War. This motivates a blood feud with Jonah Hex, who fought as a Confederate and has since become a gun for hire. Fans of the Jonah Hex comics will be pleased that such an esteemed thespian is joining the cast, it’s a big boost of good news that the project desperately needs right now. [The Movie Blog]

Interview with Founders of World Series of Beer Pong

The boys, girls, men, and women over at CollegeHumor caught up with the innovators that started (and now, maintain) the World Series of Beer Pong.  Actually, they probably didn’t have a hard time catching them.  It probably consisted of pulling them out from under the coffee table they’d passed out under in their underwear.  Are interviews better when the answers come out of a mouth with a penis drawn next to it? [CollegeHumor]

Too Much Bling for your Buck


Source: Uncoached

Uncoached has a photo gallery that looks like it was harvested from the gutters of MySpace and US Magazines from the mid-90s.  There’s enough ice on these poor saps on these pictures to sink a certain British luxury liner and kill Leonardo DiCaprio.  Notable inclusions are two different eye patches, an entire hubcap, and whiteboy douche bling. [Uncoached]

Panasonic Orders Employees to Buy Panasonic Gadgets

After laying off 15,000 of its employees from its Japanese headquarters, Panasonic had the remaining employees cowering under their desks.  So they did the next logical thing -- they told them “buy some Panasonic stuff, or your fired.”  Seriously, high-level managers were required to spend $2,200, while mid-level mangers got off with half of that. [Gizmodo]

Michael Jackson’s Skin Might Be Dying

Michael Jackson is being treated with intravenous antibiotics for a serious staph infection. "Michael Jackson has a severe staph infection that he contracted during work to reconstruct his nose," an insider told The Sun newspaper. The infection has spread throughout his face and body and is being aggressively treated by doctors. “There’s a chance it could turn into a flesh-eating disorder where it begins to kill off his skin so he’s being very carefully monitored.” That's a shame. [The Sun]

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