The World's Quickest Electric a Datsun?!?

September 1, 2011

When you think of the world's fastest, strongest, or even hottest cars, the word "Datsun" shouldn't enter your mind. But thanks to a newly modified electric model, that could change.

Electric car racer John Wayland, founder of Plasma Boy RV Racing, turned an ordinary looking Datsun 1200 into a super-charged (both figuratively and literally) electric racing car that go from 0-60 in less than two seconds.

Wayland has taken his creation, nicknamed "White Zombie," for a test drive on several drag strips to put higher priced, snootier drag racers and their hundred-thousand dollar-plus chariots in their place. His most recent run against a high priced Maserati netted Wayland a nice cash price and bragging rights for life for walloping a Maserati with a wimpy looking Japanese import.

Photo: Tom Kelley/Getty Images