Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 5 Winner's Bracket

October 13, 2009

DW Round 5: Winner's Bracket

Here we are at the quarterfinals of the Deadliest Warrior tournament where the final 10 warriors will battle it out for a chance to advance to the semi-finals.

The modern division is basically down to one fight as the IRA must defeat the U.S. Navy SEALs to give the other participants a chance. The ancient division is still a who's who of legendary warriors, any of which could make it all the way to the finals.

Knight vs. Apache Warrior
This fight features two combatants who couldn't be more different as the last of the unarmored warriors in the tournament battles the most heavily armored warrior in history.

Knights were the elite armored strike force among Medieval European armies. As the champions of Kings, Knights endured strict training and excruciating hardships that also made them incredibly tough in battle. They had no fear of death and fought without mercy, because they believed their opponents were unbelievers and barbarians.

The Apache were born warriors, the fiercest and most feared of all American Indian tribes. The Apache defied the odds and fought so ferociously that expansion by Mexico and later the United States slowed to a standstill. More than a century later, Apache tactics were adopted as a combat model for special forces. Apaches used speed, stealth, surprise, distraction, deception and even the land itself as weapons.

Plate Armor vs. Stealth:
The European Knight was encased head to toe in steel plates. The Apache didn't wear armor and relied on stealth and their surroundings for defense. The Apache may be able to hide and sneak, but eventually the Knight will find him. I'm not so sure the Apache would ever be able to get past the Knight's plate armor.  Edge: Knight

Close Combat
Longsword vs. Knife
The Long Sword was a heavy steel blade that could sever limbs and pierce armor. The Apache are renowned knife fighters who can also throw their weapons. The Apache's best chance at killing a Knight would be to move in close and try to get a knife blade between the steel plates of his armor. However, a knight needs no such trickery when one swing of his longsword can kill an unarmored Apache. The trick is hitting him. Edge: Even

Halberd vs. Tomahawk
The Halberd was a vicious slashing, gouging, piercing weapon that could devastate an unarmored opponent. The Tomahawk is a versatile weapon that could be thrown or used hand to hand, but it is a light chopping weapon with little hope of penetrating a knight's armor. Edge: Knight

Long Range
Crossbow vs. Apache Bow
The crossbow was an incredibly deadly and accurate weapon but it was slow to reload. The Apache bow was most effective at short ranges, but it could launch many arrows in quick succession. The crossbow can easily kill an Apache if it hits, but I can't say the same thing for the Apache bow against the Knight's armor. Edge: Knight

Flail vs. War Club
The flail was a powerful short range weapon designed to smash armor and rend flesh. The War Club was a short range weapon used to bust enemy skulls. It was demonstrated in season one that a war club couldn't beat bronze armor, so it's safe to assume that it would have no chance against steel. Edge: Knight.

This match up looks to be a walk in the park for the Knight due to the Apache's total lack of heavy weapons. The Apache's skill and cunning would win some fights and maybe allow him to escape from the Knight, but in a straight up fight the Knight wins hands down.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Knight  Apache
Close      140     140   
220      80
Long       180      80
Special    120      40       
Total      660     340

WINNER: Knight


Russian Spetsnaz vs. Boer Commandoes
This is an interesting battle between a modern Counter Terrorism force and a turn of the century militia army.

The Spetsnaz is the premiere Special Forces unit in the Russian army. Considered the toughest men in the army, their brutal 'take no prisoners' hard-line approach returned order to the runaway Russian province of Chechnya. The Spetsnaz were originally formed during the Cold War to carry out sabotage and counter-terrorism missions for the KGB.

Boer Commandos were the militia army of Dutch settlers in South Africa who had many clashes with native African tribes and fought two wars to preserve their independence against the powerful British Army.
Shock vs. Trenches
The Spetsnaz like to bust in loud and hard then shoot first and ask questions later. The Commandos used trenches and other defensive works to protect themselves from enemy fire. Edge: Commandos

Close Combat
Ballistic Knife & Makarov Pistol vs. Mauser Broomhandle
In close combat the Spetsnaz use a specialized combat knife that can fire its blade up to 20 feet and the 9mm Makarov pistol. The Mauser c96 "Broomhandle" pistol was an extremely powerful handgun that could be used like a mini carbine. The Broomhandle may be more powerful than the Makarov, but the tandem of pistol and ballistic knife gives the Spetsnaz an edge in close combat. Edge: Spetsnaz

AK 74 Carbine vs. Mauser 1895 Carbine
The AK 74 is more modernized version of the AK 47 that fires a more accurate 5.56mm round. Originally designed for cavalry, the Mauser Carbine had the power and accuracy of a rifle but with a shorter barrel and lighter frame. The Mauser may fire a larger round, but the AK 74 is fully automatic and fires a more modern round with just as much range. Edge: Spetsnaz

Long Range
Dragunov vs. Lee-Metford Mk II Rifle
The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with average range and accuracy. The Lee-Metford was a bolt-action rifle that fired a powerful .303 cartridge but suffered from poor ballistics. The Dragunov gets an edge here for being a more modern weapon that fires a better long range round. Edge: Spetsnaz

Saiga Shotgun & RDG5 Grenade vs. Pom Pom Gun
The Saiga and RDG5 are an excellent combination for breaching and clearing entrenched enemies. The Pom Pom is a true heavy weapon with outstanding range and firepower. The Saiga and RDG5 combo would be useful for sweeping Boer trenches, but the sheer firepower of the Pom Pom gives them the edge. Edge: Commandos

I think the Spetsnaz would have trouble with an irregular army like the Boers who would force the Russians to assault a heavily fortified position where they would get chewed up at long range by the well-aimed rifles of the Commandos and their powerful Pom Pom Gun. However, once the Spetsnaz got in close they would maul the Boers with their trench clearing weapons and superior training.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills    Spetsnaz Commandos
Close       70       50   
Mid        230      180
Long       120
Special    100      150       
Total      520      480

WINNER: Russian Spetsnaz


Conquistador vs. Spartan
This battle pits a great cavalryman against a great infantryman. The Conquistador has a 2,000 year advantage in technology but the Spartan has faced long odds before and come out victorious.

Spanish Conquistadors were brutal mercenaries and brilliant tacticians whose mandate was to bring civilization and the word of God to the new world, but instead they conquered and plundered an entire continent.

A Spartan was the ultimate soldier who trained from childhood in the ways of war. They were known throughout the ancient western world for their battle-hardened training and for their mantra of no-retreat, no-surrender.

Steel vs. Bronze
Conquistadors wore a steel breastplate, steel helmet and leather coat while the Spartans had a bronze kit that covered their head, shins and torso, along with a massive shield that was their main defense. Although the Conquistador had steel armor, he did not have the overall coverage that the Spartan had. Edge: Spartan

Close Combat
Saber vs. Xiphos
The Xiphos is a wicked little sword that would be perfect for striking vulnerable spots. The Spanish Saber was made of excellent steel and could be used to slash or stab, but it was not a very heavy weapon. Neither weapon is particularly suited to defeating solid armor, but the Spartan Xiphos could more easily find the Conquistador's unarmored parts. Edge: Spartan

Horse & Lance vs. Spear
The Spanish lance was designed to mow down armored infantry and may even be able to pierce Spartan bronze armor. The Spartan spear may be able to dismount a Conquistador, but wasn't as long as the Spanish lance and would be at a slight disadvantage. Edge: Conquistador

Long Range
Crossbow vs. Javelin
The European crossbow was well documented in its range, accuracy, and penetrating power. The Javelin was a thrown weapon that wasn't terribly accurate or powerful. The crossbow outclasses the javelin greatly in this match up. Edge: Conquistador

Harquebus vs. Shield
The Harquebus is less accurate than the crossbow, but it had even greater penetrating power. The Spartan shield was excellent for offense and defense but it would have a difficult time standing up to a shot from the Harquebus.  Edge: Conquistador

This is a difficult match up for the Spartan because the Conquistador has several ways to defeat heavily armored warriors from long distance. The Spartan can hold his own up close but he simply has no answer for the Conquistador's powerful ranged weapons. 

(Kill Estimates)
Kills  Conquistador Spartan
Close       40        80   
Mid        24
0       200
Long       200        20
Special    120       100       
Total      600       400

WINNER: Conquistador

Immortal vs. Highlander
This is an interesting match up of conquering Persians, with unquestioned loyalty to their king, going against determined rebels from Scotland who fought to rid their lands of unwanted nobility.

The Immortals were an elite force of Persian soldiers who served as both the Imperial Guard and a front line infantry force. The Immortals were kept at a constant strength of exactly 10,000 men and every soldier killed or seriously wounded was immediately replaced by a reserve. This not only maintained cohesion for the unit but also added to their fame as a fighting force that simply could not die.

Highlander clans slaughtered each other as well as Roman invaders. The Romans feared the Highlanders so much, that they built a wall to bottle them up in Scotland!

Wicker Shield & Scale Mail vs. Chain
The wicker shield and iron scale armor of the Immortals were good for their time, but they were best against lighter weapons. Highlanders had coats of chain mail, helmets and shields. Both warriors have weapons that can beat the others armor, so I think this will be a battle of weapons rather than armor. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Akinakes vs. Targe & Dirk
The Akinakes, much like the Spartan Xiphos, was a wicked little sword perfect for piercing chain mail armor. The Targe was a small Shield that provided some protection, but it also had a wicked spike protruding from its center that could cause serious damage. The Akinakes could also do  some damage, but I don't think a Persian would want to fight that close against the Targe & Dirk combo. Edge: Highlander

Spear vs. Claymore
The Persian stabbing spear was a deadly 7 foot weapon that could probably pierce chain mail armor. The Claymore was a giant sword that could smash through the Persians wicker shield and scale armor. The Persian spear is very similar to the Spartan's, but they don't have the same armor and shield to back it up. The Claymore is a little more versatile and gets a slight edge even though the Spear has an edge in reach. Edge: Highlander

Long Range
Persian Bow vs. Ball & Chain
The Persians fired light arrows from long distance that were not great for piercing heavy armor but could probably pierce chain mail. The Ball & Chain was designed to smash shield walls from up close or at short distances. The Persian bow has a much greater range and accuracy. Edge: Persian

Kopis vs. War Hammer
The Kopis was a fine sword designed for slashing and chopping. The War Hammer is a deadly weapon that can smash skulls and pierce plate armor. The Kopis is better designed for slashing attacks that could be stopped by the Viking chain mail, while the Persians had no helmet or heavy armor to stop the crushing power of the war hammer. Edge: Highlander

Both of these warriors have weapons capable of defeating the others armor, but the Persian will want to keep the fight at long distance to avoid the close combat power of the Highlander. I think this will be a closer fight than many imagine, but in the end the heavy weapons of the Highlander will win out.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills   Immortal Highlander
Close       60     120   
160     220
Long       240      40
Special     20     140       
Total      480     520

WINNER: Highlander

IRA vs. U.S. Navy SEALs
This will be an interesting fight because both of these groups like to choose their battles carefully and fight on their own terms.

The I.R.A. fought to remove British forces from Northern Ireland and targeted both civilians and British military with a mixture of modern and home-made weapons.

The SEALs are elite special operators for the U.S. Navy who specialize in covert warfare and deadly clandestine attacks.

Planning vs. Stealth
The IRA chose their targets carefully and would only strike when the time was right, while the SEALs use darkness and surprise to strike targets before they have a chance to return fire. The winner will be decided by who can impose their will once the shooting starts. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Knife vs. MK3
IRA thugs would use whatever knives they could get for random attacks on civilians and government officials. The Mk3 is a true combat knife. The IRA may have been handy with a kitchen knife, but the SEALs get serious hand to hand combat training with their perfectly balanced knife.  Edge: SEALs

Short Range
Sling Shot vs. Mk 24
The slingshot is a quiet and sneaky weapon but it is a poor match up for a pistol in the hands of a trained soldier. Edge: SEALs

LPo-50 Flamethrower vs. MP5N
A flamethrower is a brutal weapon that can cause much fear and destruction. The MP5N is a very modern weapon with outstanding accuracy and rate of fire. The MP5N is a good anti-terrorism weapon but it lacks the range and firepower to out class a devastating weapon like the LPO-50 Flamethrower. Edge: IRA

Long Range
AR-15 Armalite vs. M14
The AR-15 is a very effective civilian rifle with good accuracy and killing power. The M-14 is a tried and true battle rifle with outstanding range and versatility. Neither weapon is a true sniper rifle but both are very good in that role, however, the M-14 has the edge in range, firepower and reliability. Edge: SEALs

Nail Bomb vs. M-60E3
The Nail Bomb is a vicious explosive weapon that can kill and maim multiple targets over a wide area. The M-60E3 is a portable light machine gun that gives SEAL teams a big boost in firepower. This is an apples an oranges match up that is very hard to figure out. The M-60E3 has great firepower but it may not be versatile enough for this fight.  Edge: IRA

This is an exciting match up on many levels, not least of which is the fact that the SEALs can cruise to an easy championship with a win here, but a win by the IRA throws the entire Modern Division back up into the air. The Navy SEALs are a versatile group who can fight anyone anywhere but, while they do perform counter-terrorism operations, they are not a solely dedicated counter-terrorism unit. The IRA, however, are solely dedicated to their cause of liberation and would pose a different threat to the SEALs than they have ever faced. That's why I think this will be a very close fight, but in the end the training and firepower of the SEALs will win out against the dedication and destructive weapons of the IRA.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills      IRA     SEALs
Close       20      30   
Short       10      60
Mid        140     120
Long       200     220
Special    120      80       
Total      490     510



WINNERS: Knight, Russian Spetsnaz, Conquistador, Highlander