Randy Moss Asked If He's The Greatest Wide Receiver of All Time, Humbly Agrees

January 31, 2013

Randy Moss is not one to ever shy away from controversy, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he managed to generate some more at Media Day earlier this week.When the 49ers wide receiver was asked by a reporter if he thought he was the greatest wide receiver of all-time, Moss didn't hesitate to say yes.Naturally, it got people talking, with most if not all questioning his claim. And we're with them.

Don't get us wrong. Randy Moss is certainly one of the greatest wide receivers, if not one of the greatest players, of all time. But in nearly every category and by every measure, popular consensus will always say it's Jerry Rice. That's not a knock on Randy, who one day will likely - and deservedly - get into the Hall of Fame. It's just that Jerry Rice was on a whole other level.

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Image Credit: Scott Halleran/ Getty Images Sport