Mantenna - Wednesday, November 12

November 12, 2008

Carmen Electra poses nude for Playboy, a first look at the Enterprise from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie, and which beater you should be driving if you need something reliable...all that and more in today's Mantenna!

The 10 Hottest Moments in Marisa Miller History

Marisa Miller is so hot that her entourage is made up of a fireman, whose job is to put out the fires she causes wherever she goes. This woman has a perfectly taut body and wonderfully pert natural breasts. She is so perfect that there is some speculation she’s not human and is actually an alien. Whatever she is, she’s awesome to look at. So check out the 10 hottest moments in Marisa Miller history, and your eyes will thank you. [Manofest]

Carmen Electra to Pose Nude Again

Carmen Electra is posing for Playboy again, thirteen years after she last took off her clothes for the magazine. The 36-year-old model/actress will grace the cover of the magazine in celebration of its 55th anniversary and will also appear nude in an eight page pictorial. The issue will go on sale in mid-December. []

Is Cindy McCain Having an Affair?

The National Enquirer claims that John McCain’s wife Cindy is having an affair. They have released a photo of Cindy locking lips with a man that is not her husband. The rumor/gossip/story has gained some traction in the mainstream media, mainly because the National Enquirer was spot on about Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards' affair. The feeling is if they were right once, they might be correct this time. The Enquirer will publish more photos in their next issue, due to hit newsstands soon. [LA Times]

The Old Enterprise Gets a New Finish


Lots of Star Trek fans are nervous about what J.J. Abrams has in store for them with his Star Trek reboot. So far, however, the concept art and production photos that have been released have eased their fears. The casting for Kirk and Spock looks top-notch, and now photos have hit the net showing what the “new” old Enterprise is going to look like. Save for a few, sleek modifications, the ship really does look incredible and should help stoke enthusiasm for the upcoming film. It has maintained the spirit of the original while adding a gloss of modernization that was much needed. [The Movie Blog]

New TV Ad for Benjamin Button

A new TV spot for David Fincher’s much-anticipated upcoming film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, has been cast into the world wide web. Eschewing attempts to display its many comedic sequences, the spot is trying to correct the somewhat ambivalent buzz around the picture and convey its emotional impact. However the film comes out, funny or dramatic, its cinematography is incredible, and it’s looking like Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett have some excellent performances in store for audiences. []

MySpace Cyberbullying Jury Won’t Hear about Victim’s Suicide

In the trial alleging that 49-year-old Lori Drew violated MySpace’s terms of agreement by lying to 13-year-old Megan Meier with a fictionalized profile under the name “Josh Evans,” the judge is rumored to decide that Meier’s eventual suicide will not be entered into evidence as it would unfairly prejudice the jury.  The fake Josh Evans had been expressing romantic interest in Megan, but eventually turned on her, sending her a message that “the world would be better without [her].”  Shortly thereafter she hung herself in her bedroom. [WIRED]

15 Cars That Won't Let You Down


Those of us without Bentley-caliber bank accounts will appreciate RideLust's story on fifteen cars we'll affectionately refer to as "beaters with a heart gold" - the type of cars which will deal with the daily commute, day in and day out, and not ask for much in return. The moral of the story? Buy a small Japanese sedan. [RideLust]

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