Gotham Cable News

June 25, 2008


This sweet new video gives us the low-down on Gotham and, better yet, Bruce Wayne. Those cooky cable clowns over at GCN haven’t picked up on the fact that Bruce Wayne is really Batman. I mean, jeeze. He doesn’t really make that huge a secret of it. That, and his mask doesn’t even cover his whole face. Check out the part where Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne make public statements about each other—I smell a future rivalry! Hit the jump to watch the video.

Watching the video I can't help wonder whether some of the footage is from the upcoming The Dark Knight, which would pretty much be the coolest thing ever. Until The Dark Knight actually comes out, at which point that will be the coolest thing ever. Until, of course, the third installment comes out, at which point it's at least plausible that that will be the coolest thing ever.


Ok. I digress. But seriously. This video is awesome. I want to live in Gotham and befriend Bruce Wayne and party with his hot women and drive his fast cars and, yes, I want that mo fo to let me into the Bat Cave and give me free reign to mess around with all his gadgets and gizmos. Maybe Alfred could even custom fit one of those bat suits... As for the Bat Mobile/rocket-propelled tank that Bruce drives, well, even billionaires can be bribed.