Jay-Z and LeBron James Throw Away Their Friendship Bracelets

July 26, 2010

LeBron James has 99 problems, and a public feud with Jay-Z appears to be one. After a controversial 60-minute pat on the back he dubbed “The Decision," most of America has soured on the reigning NBA MVP. Even his good buddy, H.O.V.A., is hurling himself off the LeBron James bandwagon these days.

claims that “Jay-Z was supposed to be able to bring stars to [the New Jersey] Nets - or at least have access to them. [During the time that LeBron was making his decision] he didn't even take [Jay-Z's] calls. It made [Jay-Z] look like he couldn't deliver to the Nets management."

The web site quotes “an EXTEREMELY CREDIBLE insider” who explains that Jay-Z felt disrespected that King James did not consult with him during the free agency process. (The excessive use of the caps lock key means the source is REALLY credible, by the way.)

While the report has yet to pick up a lot of steam, the author does raise an interesting point about Jay-Z. If the rap mogul was presumably brought on in order to attract big name players, where does he stand with the organization after striking out this summer?

"If [Jay-Z] would have landed a star player, he could have been seen as a legitimate asset to the team. Now they see him as just dead weight,” the EXTREMELY CREDIBLE source claims.

Looks like someone won't be invited to Dwyane Wade's championship slumber party next June.

Photo: Gary Miller/FilmMagic/Getty Images