How To Tailgate Like a King

September 18, 2009

God didn’t invent high-def television just so he could play fantasy football while watching it on a tube. Nor did he create obscene, yet awesome, tailgating gear just to use a standard grill and cooler. The big guy upstairs wants his followers to get rowdy in style - and there's no better way then this...

Gentlemen, meet the Freedom Grill FG-900.

This stainless steel monument of parking lot debauchery attaches to any vehicle with a standard 1 7/8-inch ball, essentially making it a commercial-quality kitchen on wheels.

Want to whip up burgers for half the USC student section? No problem! The FG-900 has a grilling surface big enough to host an Albanian midget wrestling match on it and six separate burners just for fixins like corn on the cob or homemade barbecue sauce.

Bottom line, for anybody who thinks nine hours and 200 pounds of beef in a college football parking lot is a great way to spend a Saturday – the FG-900 is a must add to this year's Christmas wishlist.

Source: Freedom Grill