How to Romance Yvonne Strahovski

September 9, 2011

She's the sexy CIA agent tasked with protecting Chuck in the television series of the same name. Now you can learn how to romance her.

Strahovski recently posed for Maxim magazine where she revealed what it takes to woo her. The statuesque blonde shows off her killer figure in a photo shoot at a ranch used for porn. Strahovksi said she was "surrounded by porn outfits and stripper high heels" during the shoot. Classy.

The 29-year-old tells Maxim, "I like a suave dude with some geek." The key to dating Yvonne is fine dining. The actress loves Italian and French food and goes gaga over a cheese plate. A night with Yvonne should also end with dancing. The blonde bombshell's believes every man should dance. Her advice to men is "learn to dance." Good advice.


Photo: Maxim