There Is No Godzilla Only Quadzilla For The Auction Hunters In This Episode 2 Recap

April 9, 2011
This episode of Auction Hunters marks Ton’s first gun find of the season, but you’d think that hell had frozen over when he makes a discovery that all but makes him forget the joy of firearms. Find out what it is and how the guys made out this week. Auction Hunters breaks out all new episodes every Tuesday at 10PM/9c.

Quadzilla Attacks!

Out in Playa Vista, CA, Ton and Allen keep the fun coming, looking like kids in a candy store as they discover these two unique pistols, which also marks the return of gun expert and arch nemesis, Blaze. Nothing can contain Ton as he finds a new ride that rivals the mini-bike from season one. The Quadzilla faced off against episode one’s hovercraft in a fight to the finish to see which would bring the Hunters more cash. We asked our fans on Facebook what they thought before the episodes aired and it was a dead heat. Quadzilla went down by a couple of grand, but there is still plenty of reason to fear the Quadzilla!

Pocket Pistols

Sold For: $600

The Derringer was most famously used by gamblers to catch a cheat. Effective at close range, this little guy was manufactured after 1900. Meanwhile, this “Squeeze Cocker” was only good for about 10 feet, but its sure fun to play with.


Sold For: $2900

This monster has more horsepower than any other quad like it. It was so fast and lightweight that people were getting hurt when it first hit the market. Made only from 1987 to 1990, the beast had so much power that it needed FIVE lug nuts instead of only four. Driver beware!

The Hunters didn’t make as big a pull as in Miami, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet. After dropping only $1,250 at the storage auction and pulling in another $1,490 in additional sales, the guys brought home a solid $4,990. This left them with a final profit of $3,740. Not too shabby.

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