Spike TV Brings Rugby To America

September 2, 2009

Balls out! Rugby League is coming to America and Spike TV is going to be its new home. The network today announced that it would be bringing Australia's National Rugby League 2009 playoffs to the States.

The action starts Friday, September 11 at 11pm, so now's your chance to figure out the meaning of terms like dummy kick, ruck and scrum, and finally impress that hot(ish) Amazon chick that plays on the Rugby club who may or may not be in to three-ways.

The NRL is Australia's premier rugby league and routinely attracts 80,000 fans to its Grand Final (their Super Bowl), which will be broadcast on Spike October 4 at 11am ET/PT. This may be their version of football, but there are no pansy pads or stop and go bulls***. This is hurry-up the whole way through, so move over T.O. There's no crying in Rugby!

C'mon, mate, Get More Action.

The broadcast schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 11 (11:00pm ET/PT)
Friday, September 18 (11:00pm ET/PT)
Friday, September 25 (11:00pm ET/PT)

Grand Final (note - will air in the morning in the U.S.):
Sunday, October 4 (11:00am ET/PT)

For more details on Rugby League in America, head to amnrl.com.

Image Source: Lewis Mulatero/Stone+/Getty Images