cossack vs. Mamluk

September 21, 2010




Long Range: Krnka

Mid range: Lance

close range: sashka

special weapons: sabrache knife.



Long range: brace of pistols

Mid range: spear

Close range: Nimcha

special weapons: Dagger


Close range: sashka

Better killing power

mid range: Lance. longer reach.

long range: russian krnka. Better range.

Special weapons:  dagger. Sabrage knife is not for fighting.


Reenactment: 2 cossacks are leaving their camp, their friends are drinking vodka, while telling stories. the other 2 cossacks hear some horses neighing. It wasn't their horses, or their fellow cossacks. A gunshot rings out. It hits one of the cossacks. The other cossacks hear this and run to their horses. The mamluks charge out. one shoots at a cossack. he ducks and picks up a russian krnka and shoots the head mamluk. One cossack charges out and stabs a mamluk in the chest, leaving the saska imbedded in him, he yanks it out, causing the mamluk to fall to the ground. A mamluk comes and shoots a cossack, takes out the nimcha and slits the cossacks throat. He is soon shot by a cossack with a russian Krnka, then takes out his lance and stabs the mamluk on the ground, who had already been stabbed by the head cossack. One mamluk and one cossack shoot each other, they both fall dead. One cossack comes and slashes the chest of a mamluk. He flies off his horse. the final mamluk shoots the cossack in the knee. The cossack throws the mamluk off his horse. the mamluk stabs him in the chest with the dagger. The next cossack gets off his horse and slashes at the mamluk with the sashka, it misses and, the cossack Thrusts at the mamluk, it slips out of his hand and goes flying. He pulls out a sabrache knife. He slashes at the mamluk, it hits his chest. The mamluk stabs the cossacks hand, then stabs him near the heart. Barley alive the cossack chops at the  mamluk, It hits the daggers edge, he takes advantage of this and stabs the mamluk, dead in the throat. The mamluk falls, dead. The cossack Shouts "Rodina!" (motherland) mounts his horse and gallops away.