Model Busted for Posing Nude in Art Museum

August 27, 2009

A New York model has been charged after posing nude among nude sculptures in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Kathleen Neill, a 26-year-old model, was arrested by police after posing for a photo shoot inside the iconic museum. She was posing completely naked for artist Zach Hyman, who has made a career out of photographing the nude female body in public places.

The artist said the photo shoot was proceeding well until a female security guard obtained the Kathleen and she was later charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and public lewdness.

Her lawyer, Donald Schechter, calls the charges hypocritical. He says his client “Didn't do anything sexual. She didn't perform lewdly and she made no reference to her genitalia. There are nude sculptures and paintings all over the museum. It's the height of stupidity accusing a live model of showing the same thing in a house of art."

Do you think it's art? Should she have been charged?


Source: The New York Post