Canadian Airline Company Politely Asks Hockey to be Less Violent

March 10, 2011
Following the NHL’s decision to let Zdeno Chara’s vicious hit on a defenseless Canadien slide, the Great White North’s largest airline has threatened to pull its funny-colored sponsorship dollars if the league doesn’t change its tune.

According to Canada’s informative sports web site (called Canoe.Ca), “Air Canada, one of the NHL's largest financial corporate backers, is threatening to withdraw its sponsorship if the league doesn't take immediate and serious action on headshots.”

Air Canada is currently one of the largest sponsors of the NHL’s six Canadian teams and owns the naming rights to the Toronto Maple Leafs arena.

Ignoring the irony of Air Canada telling another business to run more efficiently, the public securitization does raise an interesting point. Do sponsors have the right to make demands of the leagues they throw millions of dollars at? Or should they simply accept the fact that a man is lying motionless in a pool of blood on top of their new logo?

Photo: Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images