Rajput vs Persian

August 9, 2010

RAJPUT --- Khanda Sword, Katar, Chakram, Aara.

PERSIAN --- Sagaris Ax, Spear, Bow&Arrow, Chariot Scythe.

EDGE --- Sagaris and Khanda are EVEN, Spear for longer range and also a clubing weapon, Bow&Arrow for longer range and faste reload time, Aara for laceration and the scythe really only trips people. No real lethality.

A Rajput Warrior is seen walking through the hilly terrain of Asia. He hears rustling behind him. The Rajput turns around and sees an Immortal on a chariot revealing a spear. As the chariot rides towards him, he steadies a chakram. Waits, waits, waits, the chariot is less than 30 feet away, waits, THROWS!

The chakram hits one of the horses which sends the Persian flying. He lands ten feet away from the Rajput. Not caring about the distance, the Persian shoots an arrow at his enemy but it misses sinse the Persian was unsure of the distance. The Rajput reveals his khanda and comes after his enemy which once again takes out his spear.

The khanda cuts the spear in half but the Persian just turns it around and hits the Rajput with the club side. Recovering, the Rajput sees his enemy run toward his chariot. The Immortal imurges with his sagaris. But instead of coming after the Rajput, he chops the dead horse off of his chariot to resume riding.

When fully back on his chariot and starts riding, the Rajput is hit with the chariot scythe. It didn't kill, but it injured and made the Rajput fall down. HARD. The Immortal gets off his chariot with his sagaris and bow&arrow. He shoots a few arrows but the Rajput pulled up his shield just in time.

After getting up, the Rajput pulls up his khanda and a katar. He comes up to his enemy and tries to stab the Persian with his katar but the scales bounce it off. Noticing his try was futile, The Rajput tries to pull back his arm for the khanda but the sagaris stops it. Twisting the wrist of the Immortal, he makes the Rajput lose his sword.

Disarmed, the Rajput brings back the katar and stabs the Persian in the neck, causing him to spurt up blood and falls to his death, covered in blood.

RAJPUT --- 797.

Khanda --- 346.

Katar --- 327.

Chakram --- 124.

Aara --- 0.

PERSIAN --- 203.

Sagaris --- 62.

Spear --- 74.

B&A --- 24.

Scythe --- 43.