Elimination Round; Round 11: GSG-9 vs Samurai

December 3, 2010


H&K G36.

Remington 870.

KA-BAR Knife.

Stingball Grenade.


Yumi Bow.





G36 vs Yumi. Edge = G36.

The G36 is faster, longer range, and has as great accuracy as the Yumi.

Remington vs Naginata. Edge = Remington.

The Remington can shoot from long range, and the Naginata has to be used in close to slice apart someone.

KA-BAR vs Katana. Edge = Katana.

The Katana has longer range and greater slashing power. It will cut you in half.

Stingball vs Kanabo. Edge = Kanabo.

This was close, but the Stingball only paralyzes, and the Samurai's armor is going to stop that. However, kavlar and a helmet isn't going to protect from a flying bowling ball on a baseball bat.


Six Samurai's walk to the top of a hill, looking over a busy city that looks new-world. They walk on to the street, and they see a person dressed in black. They think he's a ninja, so one slashes him in half with his katana. The man, not a ninja, fell down, holding a cell phone to his ear:

"Rick? Hello? Rick? Are we still going to the ninja convention?"

Someone across the street saw the Samurai's, and he called the police. Within a minute, a GSG-9 truck cut off the street, and six GSG-9's got out and searched the streets. They saw one, who had up his yumi. He shot one in the head, but the rest got him down within a second.

Another Samurai with his kanabo ran up, but a GSG-9 blocked with his shotgun and flipped it back into shouldering it. He shot, and another Samurai was down.

GSG-9: 5. Samurai: 4.

The rest of the Samurai ran, but only to get behind another GSG-9. One slashed his head open with his katana, but he was shot down.

The other Samurai's ran but one of the GSG-9 threw a stingball grenade and it blew up, taking down one. The other two kept running and saw their fellow Samurai get shot in the face. One of the Samurai shoot his yumi again, and another GSG-9 was hit in the neck.

GSG-9: 3. Samurai: 3.

The rest of the GSG-9 split up, and they take different alley's and streets. One of the GSG-9 run down the street and shoots another Samurai in the shoulder. He walked over him, but he slashed his katana, slicing the GSG-9's leg. He fell down, but got on top of the Samurai, took out his KA-BAR, and stabbed him in the neck.

The other two Samurai came up with their katana and naginata, and the GSG-9 was cut to pieces within seconds. Then another GSG-9 came from behind them and shot one. He shot again, but he was out.

GSG-9: 2. Samurai: 1.

The Samurai facing the GSG-9 slashed with his naginata, and the cops G36 was cut in half. He took the shotgun off his back, but it was also cut in half, but before the Samurai can kill the other GSG-9, the last one came from an alley and shot him in the face.

GSG-9: 2. Samurai: 0.

GSG-9: 997.

H&K G36: 709.

Remington: 276.

KA-BAR: 10.

Stingball Grenade: 2.

Samurai: 3.

Yumi: 0.

Naginata: 1.

Katana: 2.

Kanabo: 0.