Five Things We Learned in Week 4 of the NFL Season

October 5, 2009

One team continues to re-write the definition of "terrible," another established themselves as a true Super Bowl contender, and the rookie head coach that everyone thought might be fired by now is starting to look like a genius. A lot of interesting plot twists developed in week four of the NFL season, so let's take a look at the five most interesting ones...

Apparently it is Possible for the Raiders Offense to Get Even Worse

While JaMarcus Russell continues to demonstrate the scrambling ability and quarterback instincts of a wounded small animal, it took Darren McFadden six rushing attempts to put up negative three yards on the ground and Darrius Heyword-Bay seems to be openly mocking Michael Crabtree by intentionally dropping every pass that comes his way. As a team, they put up less than 175 yards against a terrible Texans defense this week and have nine combined points in their last two games. If this offense was a horse, somebody would have taken it out back and shot it by now so they could try to use the glue to piece Jeff Garcia’s ripped up contract back together.

Josh McDaniels is Having the Last Laugh

After an offseason that Lindsay Lohan could have described as a trainwreck, Josh McDaniels entered the 2009 season on the hot seat before coaching his first NFL game. He traded away a Pro Bowl quarterback in order to start a guy that couldn’t beat out Rex Grossman for the starting job in Chicago. (Think about it, Rex f***ing Grossman – a guy Steve Bartman wouldn’t be seen with in public). However, four weeks into the NFL season, McDaniels and his Broncos are 4-0, haven’t allowed more than 10 points in a single game, and host his former mentor Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots this Sunday. If the former Patriots offensive coordinator can shut down his prized pupil - Tom Brady - it may finally be time to start talking about a playoff run in Denver and the beginning of a fruitful Josh McDaniels era.

The Saints Aren’t Just a Good Offense, They’re a Great Team

Over the offseason every former quarterback who found himself in front of a television camera talked about how Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints would put a lot of points on the board, but couldn’t be Super Bowl contenders because of their mediocre defense. Fast-forward four weeks and the Saints’ defense has won two straight games for Sean Payton and company and is quickly becoming the talk of the league. In yesterday’s showdown with the New York Jets, they forced four turnovers, three sacks and even scored a 99-yard interception return for a touchdown. Sort of scary considering that the New Orleans offense can explode for 40 points on any given Sunday.

The Rams Are By Far the Worst Team in the NFL

Here are the facts: The Rams have lost all four of their games, been shutout twice, lost their two division battles by a combined score of 63-0, are dead last in NFL scoring, 30th in passing offense, 24th in rush defense and are now starting Kyle Boller at quarterback. So, no - it's not too early to start printing those Sam Bradford jerseys.

Terrell Owens is Officially a Bust in Buffalo

It’s weird to think that starring in a reality show and hanging out in Hollywood didn’t make Terrell Owens a better player over the offseason (after all, that’s how Jerry Rice used to train). But in his four starts for the Bills, the celebrated receiver has just eight receptions for 158 yards, one touchdown, a controversial press conference, and three losses (which would be devastating if he actually cared about the team)

Source: Dough Pensinger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images