Top 10 Most Shocking Sports Deaths

by AaronAhmadi   September 21, 2012 at 2:00PM  |  Views: 163,620
Sports are what keep us clear and alert. Sports push us to get out of the trenches, rise up, and become all that we can be. Sports fuel us with life. Unfortunately, in some rare cases of extreme stupidity and carelessness, sports can also get our blood squirting - yes, not pumping…but squirting.

10. Final Heat

A washed-up Mark Spitz type swimming coach races against his sexy female swimmers in an overheated pool and suffers fatal brain heating.

9. KO'd

An unscrupulous female boxer nearly dies while trying to drop two weight classes in a short period of time, only to perish accidentally by her own hands in the ring.

8. Suck Her Punched

Make your dreams come true one punch at a time.

7. Blades Of Glory

Go to a fight, and a hockey game breaks out.

6. Hang Dunked

A super annoying pick-up basketball jerk plagues his neighborhood court until he accidentally hangs himself while doing a slam dunk.