Gladiator vs Shaolin Monk

February 13, 2011

Gladiator Weapons:


Trident and Net

Arcus and Sagitta


Shaolin Weapons

Emei Peircers

Shaolin Spade

Fire and Wind Wheels

Twin Hooks


Shaolin Gladiator Shaolin Shaolin


Julius,an escaped gladiator,was running away from his arena.When he thought he out ran the guards,he saw a shaolin monk.He decided he did not want any winesses to his escape,and shot an arrow.The monk turned around suddenly,and blocked the arrow with his fire and wind wheels.He then threw them at the gladiator.

Julius relized this,and pulled up his shield.He then threw it away.He chraged with his trident,and stabed at the monk.He resonded by running to get his shaolin spade and twin hooks.He slammed his spade to the trident,and carved into the trident.The gladiator was blown back,but then stabbed again.The batte continued,until the monk caught the trident,but both warriors were disarmed.

Julius pulled out a sica,as the monk did with his hooks.They clashed until the monk rolled back,and linked the hooks.He swung,and made inpact.The gladiator was now in trouble,so he threw his sica as a last resort.The Monk was hit,and fell down.Julius saw his pugio,and then walked toward the monk.He said,you are dead now.Until an emei peircer stabbed his throaght.


30 200 120 140   490

80 210 100 240    630