Jessica Alba's Fantastic Bikinis

June 12, 2008


Jessica Alba has been out of commission for a while as she’s been busy being pregnant. This is expected to change as Jessica gave birth to a healthy baby girl last month. Jessica and her new husband Cash Warren have named the child Honor Marie. Weird name, but that’s what is expected in Hollywood circles. So in celebrations of the birth of Jessica Alba’s first child and the imminent return of her killer bikini body, we bring you Spike’s latest bikini poll.

Which Bikini Do You Like Better?

Bikini #1


The fashion magazine would probably say that mixing and matching bikinis is in vogue. Whatever. If Jessica said to me "Come hug me, it's cold" - I'd be there in a heart beat.

Bikini #2


Jessica practices some type of yoga move. I like to pretend that the male leg in the photo is my leg. If you close your eyes and think really hard it kind of works.

Bikini #3


Why so sad and forlorn Jessica? You look great. I'm hypothesizing here but it's possible she saw me onetime in my life and is thinking about all the what-ifs.

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