Ashton Kutcher is Not Important Enough to Warrant NCAA Investigation

November 3, 2010

Earlier this year, several Iowa athletic recruits had the chance to watch a Hawkeyes football game with school alum (or whatever the correct academic term for “guy who dropped out to become a male model” is) Ashton Kutcher. Although this was a blatant NCAA violation, the board of shadowy college football figures decided to just “let this one go.”

Iowa Athletic Director Steve Roe claims that the meeting between Kutcher and the recruits was accidental and not intended to lure teenage boys with the promise of Punk’d cameos or increased Twitter followers.

The report also noted that Demi Moore was at the game, but could not confirm her presence as several witnesses simply assumed she was one of the recruit’s grandmothers.

Iowa will not receive any sanctions for the incidental meeting but will be forced to adjust their "come party with the guy from 'Dude Where’s My Car" marketing campaign.

Photo: David Greedy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images