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Jail: Las Vegas
Jail: Las Vegas
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Taking the Torch

by spike.com   November 11, 2010 at 7:00AM  |  Views: 193

Chris Sabin describes the honor of facing Team 3D in their retirement match, and Alex Shelley reveals a cheat day like none other.

Chris Sabin 

I had a great weekend.

The good times started Friday night with some live music. Australian Pink Floyd was playing in Connecticut and put on a very enjoyable show. Imagine a spot on cover band with a budget playing Pink Floyd. Awesome, right? The light show was pleasing to the eye and in the top center of the stage was a large screen playing visuals and videos with a Pink Floyd inspiration. We had great seats that were perfect to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Roger Waters performs The Wall, which is also touring right now, but this was the next best thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Pink Floyd, or if you just have an open mind.

Saturday was the day of charging the batteries and getting ready for Sunday. Relaxing, stretching, and focusing on what I thought may be the most important match for the Motor City Machine Guns. And it was.

Sunday we battled Team 3D in their retirement match. They are tag team legends without a doubt, and it was a great honor for the Motor City Machine Guns to come out of that hard fought, bloody fight with the TNA team championship belts. I was watching Team 3D before I started training to wrestle just over 10 years ago. They have been everywhere, and done everything a tag team can do in the world of professional wrestling, and for them to pass the torch to us in such a way is the greatest honor a tag team can receive. 

Thank you Team 3D.