60-inch HDTV or 36DD?

August 12, 2008


A new show is premiering September 1 on Playboy TV called Gadget or the Girl.  It's a nerdily saucy take on NBC's ancient gem, For Love or Money but with 2 or 3 dastardly twists only the House of Hef could orchestrate. Via Crave.

The show starts like many reality dating shows in which the bachelor character* choosing 2 out of 3 playmates to continue his date with.  Then, this teaty threesome will continue until, after some time, the bachelor must nix another babe.

Then the fun comes.  They play out the rest of their date and the bachelor (who no doubt signs an "I won't touch" agreement before time) gets to decide whether he wants to spend and entire weekend in sexual agony, or the rest of a gadget's life in bemused wonder.

The Hefner-ian twist, though, is that the Playmate herself is in on the scheme, and is awarded a prize if she can titillate the hapless schmo into trailing behind her on a silver leash for 48 hours.  I hope the girls win.  And I hope the guys look like this


*I think it's time to start calling reality TV participants characters and not people or participants or whatever.  If there's a pragmatic way to dehumanize them further by not calling them their first name followed by their show/season I'm open to suggestion. I kind of like "blond, dumb girl from that asinine show" but that doesn't really narrow it down.  Decisions, decisions...