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The Costume Contest

by Robbie E   November 07, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 7,382

What's up, BroMen wannabes? This past week it was Halloween, And let me tell you Jessie and I saw some pretty dope costumes come to our BroMan pad for trick or treating. Of course, we love to hand out mini protein bars and shakes to the kiddos. Anyway, the 5 coolest people we saw dressed up were as follows:

5 - Hamster - A giant hamster, bro. I mean, what is cooler than the coolest animal there is... not. But, bro, it was definitelty memorable and it made me and Jessie laugh. And having fun with your friends is, like, the whole point of Halloween.

4 - Joseph Park - An oversized kid was dressed up as Park. I didn't even know they made tracksuits for kids that big, bro. So I didn't give him a protein shake I gave him a mini Slim-Fast. Then as he left I saw him get jumped. That's what he gets for being a wannabe Joseph Park. 

3 - Jennifer Aniston - A little girl came to our house with a HOT mom who wasn't dressed up. But she looked like my favorite actress and then gave me her number so that was a super dope outfi I gave that little girl some extra goodies for bringing her hot mom by. She got some mini hair spray.

2 - Al Bundy - Everyone knows Al Bundy is the man. So when someone comes to my house dressed like him we are gonna take a pic with that BroMan, you better believe it, bro. Very well played and even had his hand down his pants the whole time. That just happened.

1 - BroMans - Two ripped, tan, good looking bros dressed up as Robbie and Jessie. What a great way to win costume contests all around, bro. Flawless victory.

Until next halloween... BOOOOOOOOOOOOM This was the BroMan blog.

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