Top 5 Tips for a First Date

September 2, 2008

You probably consider yourself an expert at attracting beautiful women and obtaining their digits. But what do you do once you’ve got their number? We recently sat down with pick-up artist and dating guru Nick Savoy to learn some tips on picking up women.  With these tips in mind, you'll go from dud to stud in no time.

Tip #1


Never ask a woman what she wants to do on a date. Plan everything in advance; including a plan B if something goes wrong.


Tip #2


Want to take her to a movie? Think again. Movies provide little room for interaction on any significant level. Summer blockbusters won’t allow you to share a unique experience with a woman. In fact, the only interaction that is likely to happen is with your cell phone and overpriced popcorn.

Tip # 3


Invite her on a date on your turf. This should be something you’ve already done, or have some working knowledge about. This will allow you to avoid those embarrassing moments that can cripple a first date.

Tip # 4


Make things exciting and relieve the pressure from the date. Although dinner, drinks, and coffee are considered the “norm” in the dating world, these activities will pressure you into being an amazing conversationalist. Even if you have an oratory gift, make sure you don’t rely on this to keep things exciting.  Take her somewhere unique like an Art Gallery or comedy club. Again, it doesn’t hurt if you have some sway at these places!

Tip # 5


Don’t use money to try to impress your date. This may come off as you being "too much," and could be interpreted as a desperate attempt to buy her affection. Never, under any circumstance, let the bill cause awkwardness. Just pay it or let her contribute (if she insists).


If everything goes right and you really click with the girl, then watch this video and see how to get laid on a first date.