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Mantenna - Thursday, January 7

by spike.com   January 07, 2010 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 69

Jessica Alba looks good at the People's Choice Awards, Gina Carano is a Hollywood Knockout, and Isaiah Thomas still yields a shocking amount of power....to the Mantenna, and beyond!

Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jessica Alba Looks Good at People's Choice

Actress Jessica Alba showed up to the People's Choice Awards last night, and she did so looking hot as hell in a short dress. She presented the award with Ashton Kutcher who, strangely, did not look hot, but really stupid and untalented. Luckily he had Jessica Alba standing next to him, so no one noticed that a big bag of douche was present. It helps to be one of the hottest women on earth – especially if you’re a tool and you’re in public and you’re being filmed. [WWTDD]

Stephanie Pratt Able to Continue Productive Life of Alcohol Consumption and Unemployment

Mensa scholar Stephanie Pratt plea bargained her way out of hard time earlier today during a court hearing about that time she got a tad on the wasted side and jumped behind the wheel (oopsie!). The 23-year-old Hills star even got the charge dropped, provided she keeps her nose clean for three years and takes a few classes about why driving drunk is not as cool as you might think. [The Hollywood Gossip]

Knockout Stars a Knockout, Plus a Few More

Gina Carano, the sexiest MMA fighter around, has long been known to be starring in Steven Soderbergh’s next big film, appropriately titled Knockout. But now it turns out the sexy lady with fists of fire has some top-notch co-stars too: Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, and Michael Douglas are set to appear in the film as well. Carano plays a black ops “super soldier” (do those really exist outside of the X-Files?) who is betrayed by one of her own team, and (like the Bourne movies) she decides to get revenge on them. Fassbender plays a member of her ops team, Douglas the team boss, and McGregor will play a dull, lifeless character devoid of realism, once again proving his major strength is a great head of hair and a couple of awesome dimples. [The Playlist]

Willem Dafoe Talks John Carter of Mars

Willem Dafoe recently gave an interview where he talked a little about his new movie being done at Pixar, John Carter of Mars. In it he plays a ten-foot-tall Martian warrior with four arms, which seems like a new direction for the intense actor. Platoon, this is not. Of the process of working with Pixar Dafoe said, “They're very thorough , they're very rigorous, they really get it. It's a real pleasure because you get so protected because they are so well researched. And you get so much help trying to make something. I think I got excited about that.” How could this not be awesome? [io9]

Isaiah Thomas Still Yields a Shocking Amount of Power


Source: George Pimentel/Getty Images

Years after he criticized Isaiah Thomas for putting together the single worst coaching career in the history of sports, Magic Johnson finally had Karma bite him in the ass. After requesting tickets to a Knicks game (because getting tickets to watch the worst team of the decade can't be easy), Johnson was told that because of his "negative" relationship with Thomas he was not welcome in the arena. We're not sure if excluding fans is the best way to fill up the stands, but looking at the Knicks recent managerial moves it's difficult to question the brilliance of a franchise that paid Stephon Marbury $21 million to sit on the bench. [NY Daily News]

Man Takes on Zombies with Twitter

Looking for the latest in a long line of novelty tweets? Look no further than Man vs. Zombies, which chronicles the adventures of Gus, an otherwise ordinary Miami resident faced with the daunting task of fending of an attack from the undead. Sample tweet: "And by no means am I going to bang a zombie. Though the image of her giving me a handy using someone else's severed hand is kinda hot." [Twitter]

Next Call of Duty to be Set in Vietnam?

According to a "senior UK trade source" who allegedly spoke with CVG, the next Call of Duty game from Treyarch will be set in Vietnam and arrive at retailers this November. "It's going to be November again - just as with World at War and Modern Warfare 2," the source was quoted as saying. Add to that the fact that Activision's Noah Heller explicitly said Treyarch would no longer be working on WWII-based Call of Duty games and that Treyarch is said to be looking for "Vietnam-era music" and you've got yourself a more reasonable rumor. [Computer and Video Games]

Netflix Will Delay Renting New WB Releases

Apparently as part of a strategy to maximize profits, several studios will be forcing staggered releases of DVDs so that the most profitable transactions are available first and cheaper rental options take effect further down the road. The move could be copied by other studios, forcing consumers to wait nearly a month if they want to rent popular movies from Netflix. Studios expect that the four-week window will push consumers interested in watching movies at home to buy the DVDs or pay a premium to rent them from stores like Blockbuster or from Internet and cable video-on-demand services. [LA Times]

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