Bones Are Controlling Your Boys?

August 24, 2011

For a long time, people thought bones were just, well, bones. They were something to keep your flesh attached to. But, as science takes a closer look, it's discovered all sorts of fascinating things about bones. Like how your bones and your twig and berries are intimately connected.

No, not that way. It's been known for a while that as your amount of hormones drops, so does your bone mass: this is why older women are at risk for osteoporosis. So your bones and your groin have a relationship inside your body (again, not that way). But scientists at Columbia University were wondering if the skeleton talked back to your crotch.

Turns out, it does. They found in mice that bones produce osteocalcin, and that there are osteocalcin receptors in the testes. The more osteocalcin you have, the more testosterone is produced by your boys and the more fertile you are. The less, well, that's why we've got Viagra.

This isn't just interesting in a weird way. Tied with discoveries that bones help regulate blood sugar, scientists think that they might be able to better understand the aging process: what triggers it, what causes the decline in health, and so on. In short, your bones and your bones may hold the secret to eternal life, or at least living a better one for a longer time. Try not to be too smug about it.

Photo: Charles Nesbit/Lifesize/Getty Images