Christian Bale's Mea Culpa

February 6, 2009

Christian Bale finally broke down and called into the Kevin and Bean radio show to tell the world he knows he's got a potty mouth, and that he knows what he did was inappropriate. Bale said, "I acted like a punk, I regret that and there is nobody that has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear." He goes on, "Feel free to make fun of me at my expense; I deserve it completely."

But does he deserve our forgiveness? And will Terminator Salvation suffer because of this publicity nightmare? Only time will tell whether fans are as forgiving as the cinematographer he chewed out. Let's just hope this is the last Bale outburst we hear about for a long while. It's going to be hard to enjoy the next Batman film knowing that the man behind the mask loses his shit every time a crew member -- or a member of his immediate family -- does something contrary to King Bale's wishes.

Bale also said, "The thing that disturbs me so much is that I've heard a lot of people saying that I seem to think I'm better than anybody else. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm a lucky SOB. I never forget that and that is why I put so much into what I do and I care so much about it . Sometimes that enthusiasm just goes awry."

Perhaps this unlucky week will be enough to remind him that he's only human -- and so is everyone else.

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images