Google Wave Sets Sights on the Future of Instant Communication

May 28, 2009

Does anyone ever sleep in Mountain View? Apparently not, as Google has just announced Google Wave: a new form of online communication which combines email, IM, status updates, and sharing online documents into one browser plug-in. 

Step aside, Google Maps, there's some new hotness in tech town. While it's still in the early stages of development,  Google Wave is a chat program of sorts, which will be integrated into your browser, and it takes on the ambitious task of integrating various mediums on instant communication into one small interface, all operating in real time.


You'll be able to add multiple users to the wave sessions, drag and drop images for instant transfers, and share documents for on-the-fly editing, while maintaining the ability for everyone to work simultaneously. As an added bonus, it also does real time translation.

The "waves" can be played back to see the conversation evolve / documents edited dynamically. Google has confirmed that the software is headed to Android and iPhones, also. Google is also quick to remind us that Wave uses an open source protocol, so expect so see lots of other developers adding their own twist on the new tech, shortly after it's released into the wild.

Source: Google