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Mantenna - Thursday, November 13

by spike.com   November 13, 2008 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 303

Alessandra Ambrosio gets back to looking hot a mere two months after giving birth, a first look at Judd Apatow's latest, and a bunch of nerds geek out in WoW regalia...all that and more in today's Mantenna!

Alessandra Looks Good Post-Baby

Alessandra Ambrosio is back in bathing suits and looking as fine as ever after having a baby. It took her all of point zero seconds to get her bod back into bathing suit shape again, not that anyone’s surprised. It would take most people probably at least a year or so to recover from birth this fast. Alessandra? Two months. Of course, she doesn’t exactly have a schedule that’s full of anything other than not eating and paying her nanny. Still. It’s impressive. [WWTDD]

Apatow Is a Funny Person

The poster for Judd Apatow’s third movie is here. Funny People stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill, Eric Bana and Jason Schwartzman. And, if that didn’t beat all, fans of Apatow’s work actually have a shot at getting a part in the new movie. They just have to write a 100 word comment on why they think they should get a role on Funny People’s MySpace page, and voila, they’re eligible. So if you’re one of those people who always thought you’d have been perfect in 40-Year-Old Virgin or Knocked Up, here’s your chance. Also: check out Apatow’s explanation of the contest as he kicks it with his goat, Lilly. Everyone loves a goat. [Cinematical]

Learn from Rednecks, Burn Your Trash

Plasma plants are the upcoming landfills cum power plants which will use the magical, chemical properties of plasma.  You’ve seen plasma in places like the effing Sun, or the Northern lights.  It’s sort of a hybrid between gas and liquid with free electrons floating around in it so it can conduct a whole lot of energy. Now, St. Lucie County in Florida is developing a plant where they’ll use 10,000 degree plasma to “vaporize” 1,500 tons of trash a day.  This will spin turbines (like a stinky hydroelectric plant, kind of) which will power 50,000 homes. [DVICE]

World of Warcraft Fans Dress up, Nerd Out


Waiting in line for the launch of the newest installment of the WoW franchise, Wrath of the Lich King, there was a whole mess of people with too much enthusiasm, too much time, too much money, and with two few Chuck Norris-approved home gyms. Dressing in "traditional" WoW garb, and drinking energy drinks from plastic wine goblets, the horde of gamers went home to their blue, glowing havens at midnight last night…many likely will never been seen again. [Wired]

Jimi Hendrix Drummer Mitch Mitchell Dies

Mitch Mitchell, drummer for the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead at a Portland hotel early yesterday morning. After completing the Experience Hendrix tour in Portland with one-time bandmate Billy Cox and a host of notable musicians on November 7th, Mitchell was spending some down time in the city before returning to his native England. According to the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's office, Mitchell likely died of natural causes. He was 62. [Rolling Stone]

Uncle Sam Wants Your Flying Car


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking for some adventurous companies looking for cash to develop the answer to question we’ve been asking for years — how about some friggin’ flying cars already?! As part of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal, DARPA is looking for actionable plans for a military vehicle able to hold two or four people, drive up to sixty miles per hour, fit it inside an eight-and-a-half by seven by twenty-four foot box, then take off vertically and fly for two hours at 150 MPH. Where's Doc Brown when you need him? [Wired]

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