World's First Amphibious Lamborghini

March 4, 2009

This is a mid-engined (for ballast) Lamborghini Countach that was modded by SeaRoader aquatecht Mike Ryan to be amphibious. Rawr.

Mike’s business runs under the maxim “If it’s got wheels, I’ll make it float!”  I’d be interested in perhaps a wheel chair?  Does a tank count?  There’s a lot of opportunity there.  

Can’t afford a Lamborghini?  Or maybe you just don’t feel like taking your Lambo into a lake? That’s okay, Mike has plans on his site where you can build your own SeaRoader from scratch for just 3,000 British pounds. 

Others of his soaking wet Frankenstein monsters include ambulances, jeeps, and even motorcycles.  Check out for more.