digitalTRAFFIC new album release - id

January 13, 2010

digitalTRAFFIC id album.
Release date: 01 10 09.
Format: digital download.

2009 sees the release of digitalTRAFFICs album - id, an album of heavy electronica, soaring synth and noise wave distortion patterns. id showcases digitalTRAFFICs unique style in which melodic heavy rock beats blend with a spectrum of dynamic soundscapes, distorted chord progressions and heavy ambient colour, all strung together with hypnotising sonic layers of sci-fi sounds and industrial noise interference.

id- the fifth net release from digitalTRAFFIC features five heavy electronic tracks - dark ambient soundscapes to heavy electronic industrial multi-layered noisescapes with sci-fi sounds and space tones. id journeys from inspired minimalist soundscenes through to intense poly rhythmic beats and heavy layered synthscapes, distorted ambience complemented with intense programming undercurrents. mentis - heavy electronic soundscape - its all in your mind. logic - heavy electronic noisescape with sci-fi layers weird and wonderful - humans v logic? ego - heavy dark ambient noise soundscape - me me me. spiritus - lighter electronic lounge sound with a dark undertone - human spirit can create and destroy in equal measure. phobos - heavy distorted noise noisescape reflecting the sum of human fears. (no machines were harmed in the making of this album)

Thanks for taking the time to explore the digitalTRAFFIC sound - enjoy the tracks.