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Top Seven Superpowers That Would Actually Suck to Have

by dsussman    |  Views: 16,572

3. Absorption (Rogue)

[img] mgid:arc:content:spike.com:740563bc-3262-4ab2-baec-371d190381a2[/img]

Source: 20th Century Fox

For those of you that have either seen the first Brian Singer X-Men feature or are a serious fan of the comic book series itself, you know how much Rogue loathes some of her superpowers.

It's no big secret that Anna Marie (Rogue) considers her powers a curse and I really don't blame her. Mama can't even have a random hookup without literally killing the poor guy. The absorption of memories, skills, and powers through skin-to-skin contact sounds like an extremely valuable skill to have, but when looking at it from a realistic perspective, you're life would instantly be ruined if fate actually bestowed these "gifts" upon you. Having great strength and being able to fly would obviously rule, but the rest of the baggage is not even close to worth the sacrifice. Just go ahead and try to not make physical contact with a single human being for one measly day and see how it goes.

2. Manifest Nightmares and Dreams into Reality (Tildie Soames)

Source: Marvel Comics

If you're not aware, Tildie Soames is a small girl who processes the rare ability of being able to literally bring her dreams and nightmares to reality. Sadly, Soames unfortunately murdered her mother and father when one of her nightmares became reality and went completely out of control. For most of her life, Tildie had no control over this power, which is just plain scary. There's a lot crazy junk that goes on in all of our heads and our dreams/nightmares can be even more off-the-wall. It would obviously be amazing to create a dream-like state in reality, but what if Freddy Krueger accidentally shows up? All hell is gonna break loose.

1. The All-Powerful Superhero (Superman)

[img] mgid:arc:content:spike.com:86f73978-4e24-4eb5-9fe5-877206a947f8[/img]

Source: DC Comics

As far as superheroes go, most of us at one point or another wanted to be Superman. Although, being the most powerful goodie goodie on planet Earth has to start to suck after a little while.

Now we've all heard the line "with great power comes great responsibility," but what if you don't want to take on that responsibility? If you're Superman, apparently you have no choice. The son of Jor El's powers include superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, intelligence, regeneration, longevity, superbreath, heat vision, x-ray vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, and flight…just to name a few. There is no doubt that the Man of Steel has some of the best powers of all time, but the forced responsibility that comes along with the power must really take the fun out of things.

The reason why Superman's powers suck so bad is purely because he can never use them for fun or even not at all. This may seem like more of a character flaw, but being one of the most famous superheroes of them all has forced Mr. Kent into a goodie goodie corner filled with no fun and all work. You got guys with PTSD coming home from Iraq. Now imagine the level of depression and stress Superman must be under.