Top Seven Superpowers That Would Actually Suck to Have

Source: Marvel Comics

There's no doubt that most of us have fantasized at one point or another about possessing some kind of superhuman ability. Even though itwould seem rad to have one or more of these special gifts, most of us haven't actually considered the real-life consequences of living as a superhero orsupervillain stuck with an earthly power.

7. Invisibility (Invisible Woman)

As cool as it sounds, invisibility is one of the lamest superpowers around. Yes, you can spy on whomever you like and occasionally sneak intothe girls locker room, but when it comes to fighting crime and getting the job done, invisibility kinda blows the big one.

The mainreasoning behind why invisibility would suck is based simply on the fact that it would be a tease compared to almost every other superpower in existence.Invisible Woman Sue Strom does have a few other supertricks up her sleeve like protective invisible shields and whatnot, but if she could only render herselfinvisible, mama never would have made it past the first edition. Could you imagine being on a crack team of crime fighters and legitimately being theweakest link? It would undoubtedly be the worst thing ever and could easily lead to mutant depression.

6. Obese Power (The Blob)

Source: Marvel Comics

Living most of your life as a villain can't be easy, but when you're as large as the Blob(Frederick "Fred" J. Dukes) there's no question that being a morbidly obese circus freak is easier said than done.

I've watched numerousdocumentaries about some of the most famous big men in the history of professional wrestling and I can tell you that just traveling can be a tediousexercise. Now imagine being as big as Frederick "Fred" J. Dukes. Even with all the powers that come along with his size, very few of us would actually liketo walk in the Blob's extremely wide shoes. The Blob's blubbery skin has been near impossible to penetrate over the years, but living life as one of the mostgrotesque and gross supervillains ever has to majorly suck.

(This is a reality show waiting to happen, by the way.)

5. Rock-Like Skin (Thing)

Source: Marvel Comics

Easily one of the most beloved comic book characters around, foundingFantastic Four member The Thing hasn't had it all that easy in terms of his cosmic radiated skin.

Benjamin Jacob Grimm has had some epicbattles throughout his legendary career and his insane strength, stamina, and durability were the key factors to most of his victories. While it would betight to acquire one or more of these abilities, the rock-like skin is where most of us would want to draw the line. Clark Kent and many other superheroes,even Hulk, have had the option to hide their superhero identities from the general public. Sadly, The Thing has never had that privilege. The live-actionFantastic Four flick from a few years back tackled this very subject in the film.

As a kid I always wanted to be TheThing, but as I got older and really started to think about it, being a giant walking boulder doesn't sound all that appealing even with the superhumanstrength and rad one-liners. The man can't even really enjoy the superstar status of a superhero. S***, you try gettin' laid with a penis made of rock.

4. Shooting Concussive Force Rays from Your Eyeballs (Cyclops)


Source: Marvel Comics

Ifyou're a die-hard fan of the X-Men series like me, you damn well know that it kinda sucks to be Cyclops. Not only is he a lame dork who gets hatedon constantly due to his distaste for Wolverine, Cyclops also has the unfortunate luck of being 'blessed' with one of the most inconvenient superpowers inall of comics.

Being able to shoot concussive force rays from your eyeballs may seem rad at first glance, but living with the handicaps itcauses day to day is nothing short of debilitating. How many times have we seen Scott Summers get his special sunglasses knocked off and accidentally torchanyone and everyone in a 20-foot radius? Too many. Even the idea of having sex with Jean Grey sounds like a very dangerous process. Screw STDs, Cyclops isthe real killer in the sack.

3. Absorption (Rogue)


Source: 20th Century Fox

For thoseof you that have either seen the first Brian Singer X-Men feature or are a serious fan of the comic book series itself, you know how much Rogueloathes some of her superpowers.

It's no big secret that Anna Marie (Rogue) considers her powers a curse and I really don't blame her.Mama can't even have a random hookup without literally killing the poor guy. The absorption of memories, skills, and powers through skin-to-skin contactsounds like an extremely valuable skill to have, but when looking at it from a realistic perspective, you're life would instantly be ruined if fate actuallybestowed these "gifts" upon you. Having great strength and being able to fly would obviously rule, but the rest of the baggage is not even close to worth thesacrifice. Just go ahead and try to not make physical contact with a single human being for one measly day and see how it goes.

2.Manifest Nightmares and Dreams into Reality (Tildie Soames)

Source: Marvel Comics

If you're not aware, Tildie Soames is a small girl who processesthe rare ability of being able to literally bring her dreams and nightmares to reality. Sadly, Soames unfortunately murdered her mother and father when oneof her nightmares became reality and went completely out of control. For most of her life, Tildie had no control over this power, which is just plainscary. There's a lot crazy junk that goes on in all of our heads and our dreams/nightmares can be even more off-the-wall. It would obviously be amazing tocreate a dream-like state in reality, but what if Freddy Krueger accidentally shows up? All hell is gonna breakloose.

1. The All-Powerful Superhero (Superman)


Source: DC Comics

As far assuperheroes go, most of us at one point or another wanted to be Superman. Although, being the most powerful goodie goodie on planet Earth has to start tosuck after a little while.

Now we've all heard the line "with great power comes great responsibility," but what if you don't wantto take on that responsibility? If you're Superman, apparently you have no choice. The son of Jor El's powers include superhuman strength, speed, stamina,invulnerability, intelligence, regeneration, longevity, superbreath, heat vision, x-ray vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, and flight…justto name a few. There is no doubt that the Man of Steel has some of the best powers of all time, but the forced responsibility that comes along with the powermust really take the fun out of things.

The reason why Superman's powers suck so bad is purely because he can never use them for fun oreven not at all. This may seem like more of a character flaw, but being one of the most famous superheroes of them all has forced Mr. Kent into a goodiegoodie corner filled with no fun and all work. You got guys with PTSD coming home from Iraq. Now imagine the level of depression and stress Superman must beunder.