Loser's Bracket; Modern, Round 10: Musketeer vs Mafia

December 3, 2010



Wheel Lock Pistol.


Main Gauche.



Tommy Gun.

Sawed Off Shotgun.


Ice Pick.

Molotov Cocktail.


Musket vs Tommy. Edge = Tommy.

After every one shot, the Musket has to reload. After every 50 - 100 shots, the Tommy has to reload. {Hint, hint!}

Wheel Lock vs Sawed Off. Edge = Sawed Off Shotgun.

Again, the Sawed Off Shotgun has more rounds, faster to reload, and it doesn't freaking jam!

Rapier vs Bat. Edge = Rapier.

The Rapier actually stabs and kills with a blade, where the Bat is some wood, but with the thin steel cuirass on the Musketeer, it can deflect. But, if it's a head hit, he's screwed.

Gauche vs Pick. Edge = Main Gauche.

The Gauche won due to both range and it is used to take away any other weapon like an Ice Pick.

Grenade vs Molotov. Edge = Molotov.

This was close, but the Molotov took a short edge, due to catching everything in its path on fire, where the Grenade only takes out one side of the people, meaning half the guys are still alive and are pissed.


Searching for stolen booze, six of the Mafia were looking for the rat who stole a crate of the best beer they had. The guy accidentally dropped his wallet, losing his ID. They figured out he is French, so they booked a plane to France, and they were soon searching for him.

One flight later...

They split up in the town they were in, and they were to meet up later. But none could find the guy, and they met. One said, "Maybe he knew we'd be after him, so he split. He's probably hiding in the forest." "That's a stupid idea, Jack!" said the leader of their group. "Have we found him? Than let's go there!" "F... Fine!"

The Mafia members were walking through the outskirts into the forest, when they spotted some figures coming. One of them said not to shoot; the possibility they were innocent hunters, due to seeing guns. He slowly walks up. He sees a group of Musketeer's but they spot the man, and shot him.

Musketeer: 6. Mafia: 5.

The rest of the Mafia started shooting, and instantly two Musketeer's were down. They threw a grenade, but the Mafia ran, but one did get blown up. A Mafia member ran from the group and his behind a tree. He loaded two bullets in his shotgun and shot.

The bullet penetrated the steel cuirass worn on the Musketeer. He fell down from a shot in the aorta.

Musketeer: 3. Mafia: 4.

Farther away, a Musketeer just took away the ice pick of another Mafia member with his gauche, and before he could stab, he held up his baseball bat. He swung at the main gauche, throwing it down. He also hit it against the Musketeer's chest, but the steel repelled. He went for the Musketeer's head, and he died.

When the Musketeer's body fell down from the head blow, another one behind had his wheel lock ready, and shot. The Mafia member fell back, with a hit to the heart.

The wheel lock Musketeer ran, and met up with his last comrade. They ran, and the Musketeer with the musket shot back killing another Mafia member. The Musketeer with his pistol also shot, but it jammed. Trying to fix the problem, he was shot down.

Musketeer: 1. Mafia: 2.

The Musketeer ran deeper in the forest until he found a little ditch. He jumped in it, and reloaded, but the last Mafia members got close, saw the Musketeer in the ditch, and shot.

They shot their tommy's in unison, and stopped in two seconds, where the Musketeer was riddled in blood and bullets. Now that they stopped this minor problem, they went back in town to get back their beer.

Musketeer: 0. Mafia: 2.

Mafia: 909.

Tommy Gun: 712.

Sawed Off Shotgun: 144.

Bat: 17.

Ice Pick: 3.

Molotov Cocktail: 33.

Musketeer: 91.

Musket: 52.

Wheel Lock Pistol: 20.

Rapier: 7.

Main Gauche: 4.

Grenade: 8.