Mantenna - Friday, November 5

November 5, 2010

Lady Gaga is getting immortalized in a whole lot of wax, Suge Knight is still trying to sue Kanye West, and Canadians clearly don't deserve to win the lottery...the Mantenna is just that damn good!

Photo: Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Lady Gaga to Get Immortalized in a Whole Lot of Wax

Lady Gaga is getting waxed. The famed Madame Tussauds wax museum has just announced they are creating eight different wax figures of the famed pop star. The company is spending a staggering $2.4 million creating the figures, each which will don a different costume. The models will be installed at Madame Tussauds in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Madame Tussauds said in a statement, “As one of the biggest and most unique talents in the world, she is the perfect subject for the biggest figure launch in Madame Tussauds' history. All of the styles being worked on are classic Gaga.” I wonder if they'll dress her in the famed meat ensemble. [NY Daily News]

You’re iPhone Alarm Probably Won’t Work Come Monday

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, which mean we have to set our clocks back one hour beginning at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Now, the majority of us who rely on cell phones to tell the time won’t need to worry about this as most cell phones automatically factor in the time change. One cell phone that is expected to encounter problems is the iPhone and specifically the iPhone’s alarm. A glitch in the phone’s operating system means that recurring weekday alarms will not ring on time. That means come Monday morning you alarm will ring an hour later. To avoid this iPhone alarm users are being told by Apple to create a one-time alarm specifically for Monday morning. The issue is expected to be addressed when iOS 4.2 is rolled out later this month. [CNN]

Suge Knight is Still Trying to Sue Kanye West

Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The attorney for former Death Row CEO Suge Knight has stated that he will appeal a judge's dismissal of his lawsuit against Kanye West. Knight was shot in the leg back in 2005 at a party in Miami hosted by Mr. West and Knight has blamed West’s lack of security for the shooting. His lawsuit is seeking more than $1 million in damages. Knight's attorney said today that his client was disappointed in the judge's decision even though the judge concluded there was no evidence that a shooting at the party was foreseeable. Good luck with this one, Suge. This dude will do anything for a buck. [Philly]

Canadians Clearly Don't Deserve to Win the Lottery

What's the first thing you'd do after winning the lottery? Chances are if you're reading this in Canada you answered "give all the money away." A Great White North paper reports that an elderly Canadian couple "won $11.2 million from a lottery ticket in July. And now every penny is gone. When they hit it big in Lotto 6-49’s July 14 draw, they decided to give it all away [to charity]. The same thing usually happens in America if you replace the word "charity" with "eventual appearances in bankruptcy court." [The Chronicle Herald]

Isaiah Thomas Would Like to Ruin the Knicks Again

Isaiah Thomas looked like he was done ruining the New York Knicks, but apparently there's still work to do. The single worst general manager in pro basketball told ESPN that he "still believes he can help the New York Knicks win a title. Asked if he hopes to replace Donnie Walsh whenever the 69-year-old Knicks president retires, Thomas said, '"every single day of the week." Maybe this guy just needs a hobby or some sort of fantasy football team to run into the ground. [ESPN]

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