Meet Our Friend: Brian Hazard

March 25, 2010

After another day of apartment hunting in NYC, I was stoked to return to Nate's place to find a message from Brian Hazard in my inbox. For those of you who don't know, Brian is the creative force behind the electronic indie piano-pop band, Color Theory [Official, MySpace, Facebook]. I write that because he does everything, and I mean everything: Songwriting, recording, programming - the whole nine yards. In a recent phone conversation, I asked Brian what he didn't do. I'm pretty sure he said he had a little help with graphic art :)

While I was first officially introduced to Brian by Kevin English from eleetmusic, I realized that I'd bumped into his work on several occasions before we first met. Color Theory was a fellow Microsoft sponsored songs artist and Brian's music was featured on Playlist 7 as well [See: How You've Helped us Share Our Music]. Color Theory was also recently named the grand prize winner in the annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest. I think, once you listen to his tunes, you'll immediately see why.

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