Navy SEAL vs British Gurkha

June 18, 2009

Deadliest Warriors -Season 2 Episode 4

British Gurkha Rifles vs. US Navy SEALs

This match-up is a real power vs finesse battle between two squads of elite modern soldiers.

The SEALs are elite special operators for the U.S. navy who specialize in covert warfare and deadly clandestine attacks.

The British Gurkha Rifles are one of the finest infantry units in the world. Renown for their fighting skill and bravery in battle, these versatile soldiers take the fight directly to the enemy. 

Navy SEAL  - Circa 1989 AD.

Formed in 1962 as a small maritime force for conducting unconventional warfare, the SEALs have since fought in every major U.S. military operation and many smaller actions as well. Honed by some of the most rigorous training in the U.S. military, SEAL teams specialize in small-unit Strike Operations as well as Counter Terrorism and Special Reconnaissance.

Stealth/Surprise: SEAL teams rely on surprise attacks and the cover of night for protection. They come from the Sea, Air or Land, usually at night, and almost always in silent attacks that the enemy doesn't hear until it's too late.

MK3 Combat Knife: This compact weapon is used for slashing and stabbing in close quarters and has a 6" blade that features a razor sharp edge and a wicked point.

Mk24: The MK24, also known as the SIG P226, is a semi-automatic pistol that fires 9mm ammo from 10,15 or 20 round magazines with an effective range of 50m. This weapon is accurate, reliable, and is the preferred pistol of the SEALs.

MP5N: The MP5N sub-machinegun was developed especially for the U.S. Navy SEALs and fires a 9mm parabellum round in single shot fire, three-round bursts, or full automatic at 800 rounds per minute. This weapon is primarily used for Counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and personal protection operations because of it's compact, concealable, frame and use of small caliber ammunition. Despite its lack of penetrating power, the MP5N is still extremely deadly thanks to its reliable and easily controlled recoil, which gives the weapon outstanding accuracy even on full auto.

M14: The M14 is a magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle used by the Navy SEALs as both a battle rifle and sniper weapon. As a battle rifle, this weapon deploys 7.62mm ammunition in a 20-round magazine with an effective range well beyond 500 meters and a firing rate of up to 750 rounds per minute. The M14 is also kept in the SEAL inventory as a sniper rifle due to its excellent accuracy, effectiveness at long range, and strong take-down capabilities.

M60E3 Machine gun: The M60E3 is an air-cooled, gas-operated, light machine gun that is fitted with shorter "assault barrels" for increased portability and decreased weight. It fires 7.62mm rounds from a disintegrating belt with a rate of Fire of 550 rpm and an effective range of 1,200 yd. This weapon is deployed in the fire support role by a single operator.

Gurkha Rifles - Circa 1984 AD.

The current incarnation of the Royal Gurkha Rifles was formed in 1994, but they have an illustrious lineage dating back to 1815 and have fought in every major conflict of the British Army for the last 194 years. All Gurkhas are recruited from Nepal and chosen for their physical and mental aptitude to survive the rigorous duties of an elite soldier. Unlike other elite forces, the Gurkhas are an infantry regiment who fight conventional wars. They are trained for police and peacekeeping duties but their specialty is aggressive front line combat in any type of terrain.

Tactics/Terrain: Being front-line combat troops, the Gurkhas rely on time-tested assault tactics and judicious use of terrain for protection.

Kukri: Probably the most renowned and feared fighting knife in the world is the kukri. This weapon has a single edged blade that is approximately 10" in length and wickedly curved. It is used primarily as a swinging or slicing weapon, but can also be used for stabbing or thrusting attacks.

Browning L9A1:The L9A1 Browning is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic, pistol that fires 9mm rounds from a 13 shot magazine with a maximum effective range of 50 meters. It's known as a reliable and accurate pistol with very few frills or special features.

L1A1: Known as the SLR (Self Loading Rifle), the L1A1 is a gas-operated, magazine-fed semi-automatic rifle that fires 7.62x51 NATO rounds from a 20 or 30 round magazine with selective fire of up to 650rpm and an effective range of 500m. With its simple design and high caliber ammunition, this weapon is both reliable and hard-hitting.

L42A1: The L42A1 Sniper Rifle is manually bolt-operated with 10-round magazine and fires 7.62-mm x 51 ammo. This weapon has an effective range of 550 yards and is highly accurate.

L7A1: Known to the troops as the "Gimpy ", or GPMG, the L7A1 is belt fed light machine gun that fires 7.62 ammo with an effective range of 800m at a rate of fire between 650 and 1,000rpm. The GPMG is used in a fire support role by a two-man team.


Close Combat
Mk3 vs. Kukri
The Mk3 is a wicked little blade, but the Kukri gets the edge for killing power and intimidation.

MK24 vs. L9A1
This is a close call because both pistols are highly accurate and fire the same ammunition, but the MK24 gets a slight edge for having a higher magazine capacity.

MP5N vs. L1A1
The MP5N is acurate, quiet, and deadly, but the L1A1 has the edge in firepower.

Long Range
M14 vs. L42A1
Both weapons are powerful and accurate at long ranges but the M14 is much more versatile due to its semi-automatic and even automatic firing abilities.

M60E3 vs. L7A1
Both MGs are capable of unleashing devastating firepower, with the L7A1 having the higher rate of fire, but the M60E3 gets the edge due to superior range and portability.

I'm going with the SEALs on this one because I think they have the edge in tactics and long range firepower. However, this fight could come down to the battlefied because in a straight up firefight the Gurkhas will have the advantage, but give the SEALs a chance to control the engagement and they will win every time.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     SEAL    Gurkha
Close      20       30   
Short      40       30
100     150
Long       180     100
Special    190     160       
Total      530     470