Excessive Marijuana Use Replaces "Ryan Leaf Comparisons" as Top Concern at NFL Draft

March 25, 2010

As NFL franchises continue analyzing prospects like it was last call at a poorly lit strip club, many general managers have begun playing “Why don’t I want this guy on my team?” And oddly enough, in 2010, “because he has an extensive bong collection” is a surprisingly common answer.

According to various reports, a shocking number of NFL draft prospects light up a little more than football executives who grew up in the 1960s feel comfortable with.

A Sports Illustrated article claims that nearly one-third of the top college players in this year's combine admitted to using and/or being addicted to marijuana.


The most shocking part of this entire story is that people still use the phrase "addicted to marijuana."

Quite frankly, I’m impressed. Most potheads I know struggle to grasp the concept of regular bathing and long-term employment. If a running back can get high and still put up 140 yards in the Southeastern Conference, I’d like to know what type of peanut butter he’s dunking his Funyuns in, because that’s just, straight up, awesome.

Photo: Image Source/Getty Images