Meet the Lady with the World's Largest Natural Breasts

May 13, 2009

Norma Stitz, of Atlanta, Georgia, has been honored on Italian television for having the world’s largest natural breasts. The Italians were so enamored by her enormous bosom that they dubbed her “Boob Queen of the World.” But are her breasts too big?

Source: The Sun

Norma’s breasts measure 120XXX. The 67-inch wonders have even landed her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Norma chatted politely to the Italians, who seemed oblivious to Norma’s secret porn past.

Norma’s real name is Annie Hawkins-Turner. Her stage name, Norma Stitz, is word play on “enormous t***.” She has appeared in numerous adult films, putting her enormous assets to work.

Norma played coy on the Italian television show. She told the female host that she has "only gone topless in public on the beach in Hawaii." She also revealed that her gigantic breasts made it difficult to walk and she had to train “how to get about and how to walk down steps.”



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