Tron Legacy Director to Take on Black Hole

February 9, 2010

Joseph Kosinski, the guy who's directing the sequel to Tron, now looks poised to also to do a remake of Disney's 1979 film Black Hole. What's he going to take on next, Fantasia?

MTV reports that Kosinski has been a fan of Black Hole since he saw it when he was a child:

"I saw 'Black Hole' as a little kid," said Kosinski. "What sticks out most is the robot Maximilian. The blades and the vicious killing of Anthony Perkins. That freaked me out and that's definitely going to be an element that will be preserved. The design of the Cygnus ship is one of the most iconic spaceships ever put to film. From a conceptual point of view, we know so much more about black holes now, the crazy things that go on as you approach them due to the intense gravitational pull and the effects on time and space."

It looks like Kosinski is Disney's go-to man for reviving their older properties. In this time of remakes and reboots and reimaginings, someone's gotta do it.

The question is: what is the demographic for this film? Most people who were old enough to have seen Black Hole are now in their late thirties and forties. Is there really that big an outcry for a remake?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see how Tron Legacy does. If it becomes the next Avatar then Kosinski will likely be written a blank check for whatever he wants to do.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures