Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy

July 19, 2008

UFC Fight Night Live

Round One
Vera lands a pair of big kicks and then Andy gets the takedown. But Vera scrambles to his feet and the two lock up against the fence. Vera lands a good knee and the two break. Vera throws a high kick but Andy ducks under. Andy tries a leg kick that misses and Vera catches him with a body kick. They go up against the fence trading knees and Vera gets a rough takedown. They struiggle a while before standing back up at the end of the round.

Round Two
Vera goes for the takedown, but Andy gets out of it and the two collide against the fence. Vera gets the takedown at the fence and the two struggle for a while before returning to their feet where they continue to size each other up and trade kicks. The two go against the fence again where Vera throws a few knees. They break and return to the middle of the octagon where both fighters are hesitant to take the attack. Vera lands one more leg kick before the round ends.

Round Three
Andy lands a good head shot with his right and Vera responds with a strong kick. The two lock up yet again at the fence where the Ref breaks them up. Vera lands a good jab and they lock again. They break and Andy lands a good left hook but Vera puts in a few knees before the two return to the fence. With a minute left they're back out in the middle tied up with very little going on. Vera gets a good head kick in before Andy goes for a takedown shot. But Vera shuts it down and the two are back against the fence for the last moments of the round.

Brandon Vera wins by unanimous decision.

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