Mantenna - Thursday, December 9

December 9, 2010

James Franco gets weird on Inside the Actor’s Studio, Wesley Snipes goes to jail, and a New York Yankees slugger asks Lance Bass to attend his wedding...this is my Mantenna!
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James Franco’s Strange Sexual Turn On

With each passing day, James Franco is proving more and more that he’s one strange, cool guy. The actor appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio last week and was asked what turned him on. He answered: “Sometimes rabbits, like, turn me on. I don't know why.” Yep, the guy who played James Dean and smoked up in Pineapple Express likes little furry bunny rabbits. Franco also admits to some strange research while preparing for his role in Milk. He told host James Lipton that he spent time with a gigolo, following him to a strip club and an appointment with a male client. Franco says, “It went down. Everything went down, as you see in the movies and hear about. And the eery thing is, it was like a movie, but it wasn't a movie. It was the real thing, happening in front of me.” This dude lives an interesting and bizarre life. [Huffington Post]

Hot Search Terms of 2010

If we are what we search, then the world is obsessed with the iPad, Katy Perry and Chatroulette. Google has just released its list of the hottest search terms of this year. The annual report is “the result of the aggregation of billions of search queries people typed in," according to Google, and shows the year's hottest searches, along with those that fell from favor when compared with 2009.” The fastest-rising search term was Chatroulette, which launched in late 2009 and has obviously taken the world by storm. Other terms in the top 10 were: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Twitter, Facebook, ringtone site Myxer and gaming sites Gamester and Friv. The terms that fell out of favor the fasted in 2010 include: Susan Boyle, the New Moon Twilight film and swine flu. Topping the list of Google's strangest searches of the year was: Can a horse have OCD? [CNN]

5 Things You Didn't Know About The UFC

Our good homies over at AskMen have put together a mind-blowing list of the craziest things even the most obsessed UFC fans may not know about the legendary organization. All I can say is that the list has John McCain and alligators very deep in the mix. It also looks like our AskMen bros have redesigned their site. Lookin’ good, dudes. Lookin' good. [AskMen]

Wesley Snipes Goes to Jail

Source: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Wesley Snipes was initially scheduled to turn himself into authorities at noon today, but the actor actually arrived at the minimum security prison camp in Pennsylvania a little early to begin his jail term. This surrender took place after Snipes had a judge deny his last-minute request for a new trial today. Snipes is serving a three-year sentence for not filing his tax returns. The Blade star was convicted in April 2008 of three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file income taxes and has spent the last two years trying to appeal the ruling. Good luck in the can, man [MTV]

New York Yankees Slugger asks Lance Bass to Attend his Wedding

Baseball star Nick Swisher is getting married to a popular actress who appears on various shows that appeal to teenage girls who don’t get invited to school dances. The New York Post wrote a nice little story about it with one interesting addition. “Guests at the nuptials will include Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, former boybander Lance Bass (who'll be one of Swisher's groomsmen) and Cameron Diaz.” Yes, Lance Bass will be his groomsmen. No other mention or explanation. Just that Bass will be part of Swisher’s wedding party. The craziness of this must be solved! [NY Post]

Pete Rose Gets Pervy While Giving Innocent Interview About Player Penis Size

Pete Rose recently went on a radio talk show to discuss the size of certain players’ bats. Well, he may not have went on for that reason, but that’s exactly what happened. “saw everything that Marilyn Monroe saw. Now, when I tell people the best way to describe Joe DiMaggio, he was a penis with a man hanging from it. … Does that give you a better perspective?” Perspective, no. Nightmares, yes. [Sports Radio Interviews]


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