5 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

October 18, 2011
Is your home getting a few nibbles but no bites? Has that "For Sale" sign become a lawn ornament? These days it's not uncommon for a home's appeal to fizzle out after being on the market for a while, and the reasons may be hiding right under your nose.

1. Overpriced

Image: David McNew/Getty Images

The first sign of a well-kept home is a well-kept yard. Six foot weeds and brown grass have no place for a property on the market unless it's bank-owned or a foreclosure. If a homeowner can't take care of the yard, chances are that there are probably tons other serious maintenance issues they're not addressing. In order to get top dollar, the yard must be immaculate. Water regularly, fertilize with weed control and mulch the flower beds pronto.