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5 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

by MikeBaird   October 18, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 4,108
Is your home getting a few nibbles but no bites? Has that "For Sale" sign become a lawn ornament? These days it's not uncommon for a home's appeal to fizzle out after being on the market for a while, and the reasons may be hiding right under your nose.

1. Overpriced

Image: Glow Images/Getty Images

"Let's increase the sale price by $20,000 just to see if we can get it," are a home seller's words 24 hours prior to a new listing hitting the market. Fast forward, 30 days later… "Why isn't our house selling? This market is so bad right now." Then, they bring the sale price down $10,000 and think it actually just lost $10,000. Are you kidding me people? The first 10 to 14 days of a newly-listed property are the most crucial days that house is ever going to see on the market. The listing is fresh, the house his ready to show, and the agents and sellers are cooperating and excited. Price your home to sell, not to sit and rot! The days of listing high and hoping for a "California Buyer" are gone. Take time to study the market, remove emotion from the equation, and seek professional help that's willing to present the reality of pricing to you and not just blow smoke.

2. Out Of Date

Image: Steven Errico/Getty Images

Grandma's SHAG carpet is NOT going to cut it in today's market place, and neither is her FUZZY wallpaper. Get dirty, get grimy, be a little handy and get the "out of date" in to a dumpster. If you don't know what's "in" and what's "out" don't ask your neighbor next door, chances are they have the same 1950's look in their house. Walk through a model home somewhere. Don't get all overwhelmed or emotional and think you have to spend thousands of dollars. All you are looking for are a few simple ideas - cheap ones! Take them home, suck it up, and get to work or hire someone.

3. Smells

Image: Tim Robberts/Getty Images

Cat pee, Dog pee, dead animals, human urine, feces, pet food, diapers, dead birds, dirty dishes, old furniture, dirty socks, last week's takeout, and beer bottles MUST GO! They are simply not appropriate for selling homes. The following items with be needed: Some rubber gloves, a mask, and a large trash bag. Man up! Get rid of the source of the odor and buy yourself a plug-in or scented candle. Some sort of scent that has to do with flowers or springtime tends to work best. Do not try to mask the smell… "Stank" must be removed first and then replaced with "Freshness." Common sense, I know, but difficult sometimes in terms of proper execution.

4. Clutter

Image: Patti McConville/Getty Images

Clutter is a fancy work for "crap." They can almost always be used interchangeably and we prefer the later of the two. Crap is anything that doesn't have a designated purpose and location: things like stuffed animals, old mail, discount clothing, and broken electronics. Simplify People! You have 3 simple options pertaining to clutter: trash it, shove it in a closet, or do what most people do, rent a storage unit for $100 per month and store that junk you never use. You know what we like to do: trash it. The overall goal here is to make a space look bigger than it actually is by removing the stuff currently sitting in it. Eliminate the Hoarder in you. Be strong.

5. Weeds

Image: David McNew/Getty Images

The first sign of a well-kept home is a well-kept yard. Six foot weeds and brown grass have no place for a property on the market unless it's bank-owned or a foreclosure. If a homeowner can't take care of the yard, chances are that there are probably tons other serious maintenance issues they're not addressing. In order to get top dollar, the yard must be immaculate. Water regularly, fertilize with weed control and mulch the flower beds pronto.