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World's Worst Facebook Spammer Going to Jail, Probably Getting Shanked

by Theta1138   August 05, 2011 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 858

Is there a human being on this planet hated more than a spammer? Annoying, anonymous, and
he gets rich with seemingly no consequences. Even worse, they invade everything: email, website comments, and your Facebook page. But that last is about to die down a lot as Sanford Wallace has just surrendered himself to the FBI.

Who is Sanford Wallace, you may ask? Facebook's king of spam. You know that program that hijacks your Facebook if you click the wrong link, changes your password, and then spams all your friends with the same link? Wallace invented that. Can't you just feel your knuckles itching to introduce themselves to his face?

Wallace ruined 500,000 accounts and sent over 27 million spam messages. In fact, he sent so much spam over Facebook that he was taken to court by the website and got a judgment against him to the tune of $711 million. Not that Wallace was ever going to hand that over, since he didn't even bother to show up for court, but it got stepped up a bit when the government got involved.

When he heard he'd been indicted for multiple counts of fraud, Wallace figured the jig was up and turned himself in. In fact, these charges stem from the fact that Wallace was banned from Facebook in 2009...and kept logging in. Don't worry, Mr. Wallace, we're sure wherever you go there will be a warm, friendly welcome awaiting you. The inmates have something they want to give you! It's in the showers!

Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images