Ethan Hawke Discusses Another Before Sunset Film

January 5, 2010

Director Richard Linklater hasn't had a whole lot of luck these days when it comes to getting a green light on his projects. One thing after another falls through, which means if the rumors are true he might have his sights set on doing a third Before Sunset movie in the near future.

At this point it's mostly speculation from the director, but considering the fact that he doesn't have much of anything else on his plate at the moment, this speculation could easily turn into a movie.

Ethan Hawke recently spoke with Collider about the possibility of a third film, and he sounded very positive about its prospects -- though it sounds like a lot of time is going to be involved in making it happen. Here's what Hawke had to say:

My bet is we need to follow exactly the formula which is to let it happen organically.  That at some point we will really have something to say.  ...but time is such a big part of that movie.  How time affects people and how we change.  But my thought is we will make one as soon as everybody has forgotten about it.  Rick is going to…it’ll probably take Rick to see a window that will want him to revisit these people and then he’ll lasso Julie and I into talking about what’s happened to us. 

Organically or not, it seems like there are enough fans both of Linklater's and the two films in general that a third would have a core audience. The trick to these films is that they are made on the cheap, and thus they don't need to make millions and millions of dollars in order to be successful.

So what do you think -- would you like to see what happened after Before Sunrise?

Source: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images