Lord Humongous Builds Golf Cart of Fire!

May 30, 2008


An imaginitive man named Lord Humongous built an armored golf cart that speeds up to 20 mph and is armed with a flame thrower that can spread its firey fingers of death up to 15 feet. Lord Humongous apparently doesn't want to be caught with his pants down the next time he plays 9 holes on LB-4 against an infestation of xenomorphs.

I was, unfortunately, unable to conduct an in-person interview with Mr. Humongous, or correspond with him in any way at all. However, I've deduced from his name and most recent invention that Mr. Humongous is a sizeable nobleman by birth who seeks to make death and destruction more accessible to an urban environment, without all the hassles of a military-grade tank or Hummer.


In short, Sir Humongous has provided for us what every apocalypse fearing citizen has been clamoring for, and he's done so in style. Thank you, Lord Humongous, for having the courage to be a better lord, and for having the ingenuity to build a better, more lethal, golf cart.