Mantenna - Mel Gibson Avoids Jail and Ja Rule is Goin’ to Prison

March 9, 2011
Mel Gibson avoids jail, Ja Rule is goin’ to prison, and Chris Bosh lashes out against reality TV…the Mantenna is solid gold.

Source: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Mel Gibson Avoids Jail Time

Mel Gibson has copped a plea bargain to avoid jail time over accusations he assaulted former flame (and baby mama) Oksana Grigorieva with the 55-year-old actor pleading no contest to misdemeanor battery. Mel’s attorney released a statement saying, “I know from almost 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer that sometimes justice can come for a client at too high a personal price. That is particularly so for Mel, whose right to due process can only be exercised in this case with an enormous media circus attached.” The Academy Award winner’s punishment will likely entail community service and mandatory counseling. [New York Daily News]

Forbes Releases its Annual Rich List

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim has topped the Forbes rich list for the second consecutive year. The telecommunications tycoon is worth a staggering $74 billion and increased his wealth by over $20 billion in the last year. He handsomely beat out Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who ranked number two and three on the list. Both Gates and Buffett have donated large amounts of their fortune to charity. A total of 1,210 people made the list with a combined wealth of $4.5 trillion. America still has the most number of billionaires in the world with 413 billionaires, followed by 115 in China and 105 in Russia. [Forbes]

Ja Rule is Goin’ to Prison

Source: Bobby Bank/Getty Images

According to reports, Ja Rule will be heading to prison in early June steaming from a New York City gun case. Rule pleaded guilty to attempted weapon possession back in December and was handed down a two-year prison term. Police claim that they found a loaded gun in his car when Rule was stopped for speeding in July 2007. Ja’s lawyer stated that the rapper will be using the next few months of free time to finish up his new album Renaissance Project. Have a good trip, Ja. [TMZ]

Maybe this is why Chris Bosh’s Game is Going to Hell

Instead of focusing on a five-game losing streak, Miami Heat third wheel Chris Bosh has dedicated his efforts to stopping production on VH1’s Basketball Wives. According to TMZ, “Chris was pissed when he heard Wives producers were in talks with his baby mama Allison Mathis -- the front runner to replace Royce next season -- and the NBA star quickly put the ki-Bosh on the whole operation.” Apparently Bosh yields a ton of power in the reality wives world. [TMZ]

Stanford Not as Scholastic as They’d Have You Believe

For years, Stanford has been praised for its strong academic programs and insistence that their student athletes actually remain students. Turns out, they were really committed to making sure this happened. The San Francisco Chronicle reports “a drama class in Beginning Improvising and another in Social Dances of North America III were among dozens of classes on a closely guarded quarterly list distributed only to Stanford athletes to help them choose classes.” The list gave athletes the opportunity to receive an A without having to earn them. It was a great way to prepare for BCS Championships and fixed women’s volleyball matches. [SF Gate]